Painful Reminder

I’m killing two birds w/one rant today. I’m trying to distract myself from my life and be more a “topical blogger” today. Taken straight from Towleroad comes today’s idiocracy.1

(Story) A group of delinquents decides to go out for a wholesome day of fag bashing. They beat up a couple of fags and then get arrested. I’d blame the parents but that wouldn’t do any good. I’m sure by now they absolved themselves of any moral responsibilities by claiming the ‘fags’ were asking for it. Meanwhile, the main culprit tries to turn into a ‘gay panic’ defense. How 80’s can you get? Forgetting for a moment, there was no mention of the victims approaching the suspects at anytime. But hey, who needs facts right? Tish! Tosh!

Wait! I think I’m channeling Miss Cleo. . .I’m having a vision. . . Boys beat up fags, boys get arrested sent to jail, news station does a biased interview and edits out all of the real facts for the their own more wholesome version, public is outraged. Film at Eleven. Oh wait, nevermind. That’s already happened. Maybe I’m channeling Martha from prison. Oh well, so much for my psychic abilities.

  1. yes, I know it is a made-up word. []