Hello, I’ll Be Your EMT Today…

My mid-term is next week so I am hella-studying. I spent about 4 hours at Starbucks in the Castro cranking out the work. I’m not even close yet. Over a 100 questions on the test covering about 30 chapters. All that said, I’m very excited about my training. I can’t wait till I finish so I can start seeing patients! I can’t believe I waited this long to do it. This swedish couple from Holland saw me studying at The Cove last night and started asking me all these questions. I discovered the husband is the equivelant of a paramedic over there. Too bad he was straight.

I won’t be doing much blogging for at least a couple of days. Today is my last day off this week and I’m hoping to cram 4 more hours in.

Over the past week, I’ve been updating the blog and fixing broken links, images, etc from back when I made the switch from Blogger. A lot of the old pics weren’t displaying properly. Now they show up. I haven’t resized all of’em yet so if you use IE to view my blog you’ll get an annoying gap on the middle column on any of the old pages where a pic loads. The pics are too wide for the column so IE just forces the whole column down. @#$%! (Hint, if you click on the “photo” category you can see every post w/a picture in it. Haven’t finished all of’em but most.)

Anyway, I’ve also been reading some of my old entries and I really felt better after reading this one. I was sorta down and whining about my lack of direction. I’m really proud of myself for getting shit done. Even if my debt has gone up a little instead of down, I’ve taken care of so many things that were nagging at me. I have this intense feeling of accomplishment.

Oh! Speaking of debt, $450.00 later, I got the scooter back yesterday. It purrs like a kitten again. hehehe. It needed so much work I really can’t complain about the cost. Another task I’d be delaying that was driving me nuts.

I’m feeling better so I’m off to the gym to work my “musk-uls”.

6 thoughts on “Hello, I’ll Be Your EMT Today…”

  1. I also eat at The Cove. When that new girl started I thought she was nuts. Turns out she’s just a really, really nice person.

  2. I love The Cove. They make THE BEST eggs benedict.

    Are you sure the guy from Holland is straight? Realistically, I don’t know if any men from Holland are straight.

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