It’s So Foggy Out & Ramblings

I went to see the remake of The Fog last night w/Bobby. Not bad for a remake in my opinion. It has what’s-his-name from Smallville as one of the lead characters. God he is so hot. Anyway, they didn’t flesh the plot out as much as I would have liked but not bad. There were a few scary scenes as well. Bobby hated it of course. Not sure why but I gave up trying to figure that out years ago.

I’m on fire side at work again today. Nice and slow so far. I’ve been busy w/academy classes this week. I teach CAD (computer) training to the new dispatch class. They seem to be doing well so far. I really tried to encourage them to work as a collective group and they seem to be doing it. (I have to be careful what I write here as I discovered some of them read my blog!) heee heee heee

My tanning bed trip wasn’t too bad. I really like the results from just the first tan so far. I’m back tomorrow for session 2. I should be perfectly lightly tan by the time I hit FTL. That reminds me, I gotta get a new bathing suit. SHIT! totally forgot that. I’ll try and work that into the weekend. Course, I may have to wait till the trip. Swimsuits aren’t exactly prime wear here right now.

I’ve been really good at hitting the gym this week too. I’ve been slacking as of late due to my hectic schedule. I’m blissfully sore all over today. I did my glutes/quads yesterday and I could barely walk this morning. I had to soak in the jacuzzi for a bit to loosen up.

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  1. OK, here’s a work question.

    When I dial 911 in San Francisco, I assume it is just one office handling whatever. Where do the “Police” and “Fire” sides come into play?

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