OH No He Din’t!

Ya know, sometimes I just wish I could tell some of my callers…

I’d slap you but shit splatters!

But that would probaby get me fired. Ok, not fired but at least suspended. Ok not suspended but at least written up.

I’m feeling icky today. I think I’m borderline getting a cold/worn down. Too many hours put in this week and not enough sleep.

“Take two of these and call me in the morning” sounds appropriate right now. I just wish I had the “two of these” part.

I’m home, catching up on Tivo, slugging down an Odwalla, and waiting for exhausted sleep to overtake me.

2 thoughts on “OH No He Din’t!”

  1. You’re actually on the right track about everything. I get mad a customers and in my previous job when I knew I had pissed off a customer I’d just let my boss know the next day, “Hey Joe, some dumb *&%^$ is going to call and say I was rude to you, there’s a write up on my desk if you want to sign it and put it in my file.” So, I used to write up myself (I was second in command so there was really only one person who could write me up anyway.) Most of the time, nothing would happen.

    Odwalla is awesome. At the first hint of a cold or anything (like the other week) I immediately buy two Odwalla C Monsters and what used to be the Femme Vitale, but now goes under some other name that I can never remember. Do that for two or three days and all the vitamins will blast whatever you’re feeling right out of your body. With no having to go to the doctor or getting pills.

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