(Yeah, I know it’s not really a word but I like it. )

Guess who aced his final today?!

I’m excited and tired all at the same time. Six months worth of hard work has finally paid off. I’m now over the first hurdle of my journey.

As soon as my certification comes back in the mail, I can start looking for part-time work to get my hours in.


*I need a cocktail*

13 thoughts on “Finito!”

  1. I just found your web site in my “favorites.” Have no idea how it got there. It’s like rumaging around in the garage. I think I wrote you once about pictures from one of the street fairs. Anyway, I can’t find any brief explanation on your site about who you are. If such a thing can be written. Such as what are you studying? I guess I’d have to go back through all your old blogs.
    By the way, when I clicked on the “muscle” link, the site came up and then the contents immediately disappeared.
    And also, by the way, congratulations on the finals, whatever they were for.

  2. Mark – scroll down. In IE sometimes the older pics render funny due to size limitations. It usually just pushes the middle column further down.

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