Only in SF II

I’m taking a break from studies. My hematomas’ are blending w/my hemothoraxes and we just can’t have that. I’d thought I’d share some funny tidbits encountered today.

Only in SF will you see:

… a gurl and girl exchanging makeup tips and discussing the cheapest places to buy MAC.

… a leather daddy, decked out in full leather, getting his nails done side by side w/Katy Sue, Surban Mom Extraordinaire AND they are having a conversation. (I couldn’t help but laugh.)

… a straight man giving a gay man tips on where to buy the best boots.

… a hardware store that sells lube.

… a guy wearing leather pants to the gym.

Not sure if that makes us a ‘gay mecca’ but it’s nice to know it exists.

I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help myself. I’ve noticed “Zig Zag” the new coffee/tea shop they put in place of Le BonGateaux isn’t doing so well. (Superstar, the video store next door bought it.) It’s been open almost 3 full weeks now and I’ve yet to see more than a few people inside at any given time. I know I shouldn’t make fun but I can’t help it. They took a wonderfully comfortable coffee shop and turned it into this empty (think “less is more”) cold space w/tacky colors and straight lines everywhere. What were they thinking? This isn’t Sunset Blvd, it’s the Castro. The only thing w/straight lines are the Dykes at Cliff’s Hardware!

Ok, enough venting. Back to my studies. I’m only up to H so far.

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