Muggy II / Drivel

I made it to the gym but my energy tanked right away so only got a half-ass workout in. My mood is as muggy as the weather today. I think I’m just worn out from my exertions as of late. Busy busy busy. Finding out my ride along for tomorrow got cancelled again didn’t help.

A buddy from work called me to see if I would co-sign a loan for him. That would be a big negative! One, I’m still recovering from my own debts incurred during the last relationship. Two, said friend tends to invite a large amount of drama into his life. Be it immaturity or blind stupidity, either way not my problem. Three, I have a distinct feeling there is more to the story than I’m hearing. *I may have been born at night but it wasn’t last night.*

Notice the Moby-ism on the left. Not sure who coined the phrase but I’ve taken it to heart throughout my life and it serves me well.

My new phone/pda hasn’t come yet. I’m anxious as all hell for it to show up. I’ve been so busy the Tivo is almost full. Maybe tonight I can catch up while I’m being tortured by domestic chores from hell! (I must have been rich in my previous life because I detest house work!) I’ll be so glad when I when the lotto so I can hire a houseboy. *mental note – play lotto*

I got a tickle out of the overwhelming response to my “dying to now” question. hehehe. May have to do that one again. I have tons of those little buggers floating around in my head.

OH! I almost forgot, I’m planning a little surprise for the blog. However, a new piece of hardware is required. It hasn’t shown up yet either. I got an email from Amazon saying it was delayed. Bumm-diddly.

Ok, I’m off to bend eager minds to my will.

3 thoughts on “Muggy II / Drivel”

  1. Oh yah! Forget the loan to a friend. Unless the person is like a brother or sister (which still may be dicey!), giving a laon or co-signing is a no-no. I’ve seen it ruin friendships, seen it send one party into bing time debt. You have the right idea.

    Moby…what is it with all the cancellations. I’d think there would be enough emrgencies in that city to put you into a van and see some live action. Do the cancellations hold you up in any way from advancing on your certification?

    Hmmm. A surprise (*scracth head*)! Amazon? Are we by chance getting that video upgrade so you can do some podcasting? If so, watch out Brett!!! 😉

  2. I agree with Tony I am surprised in SF there aren’t more squads you can ride in to get your certification. Is it you have to ride with a certain person to observe. Hang in there you will get it.

  3. You won’t cosign a loan? Are you aware that 90% of all cosigned loans end up being paid by the cosigner? Good call.

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