Nice Guy

I bought a homeless guy dinner tonight at Taco Bell. He was polite, clean, and not at all pushy. He also looked me straight in the face and shook my hand. If he’d reeked of booze or been overly aggressive I would have simply told him no. Instead, he still found the time to have manners and be respectful, I admire that.

I didn’t mind he ordered two meals, one for now and one for later. It only cost me an extra $6.00 and he got a hot meal instead of belly full of booze.

8 thoughts on “Nice Guy”

  1. Oh yea, sure, just go ahead and support his poor decisions to be homeless….don’t hate him and bash him and point your bony finger at him for making poor decisions and not really and truly wanting a job. Just buy him food (TWO meal??? Unheard of!!). Keep him going around and shaking hands with people with respect. Bad behavior should not be supported!! (ok, kids, I don’t want any hate mail……if you don’t know me, I’M TOTALLY KIDDING and admire the F*&%^ outta Moby for helping out. Just as it should be. So, lay off me…..just teasing and admiring).

  2. You just never know what some small, kind gesture can do to help someone out who’s not in a good place in their lives. Sometimes it just takes a little giving and respect to start to change someone for the better.

  3. The last time I went to buy a homeless guy dinner; when I came back with a whack of grub for him he was gone….then I had to eat it all cause I couldn’t handle wasting all that food….

  4. I believe in Karma, and you just did something nice. It will come back to you ten-fold… and it is nice that he respected you… so many are not so respectful

  5. *big hug* That was a good thing to do, Moby. It’s sad to think that SO many people are just one or two months away from being homeless themselves. You “paid it forward” and maybe that homeless guy will get back on his feet and do the same for someone else. It’s all “ripples in a pool”. 🙂

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