Bless His Heart

I got this rather edu-mucated response on my about page this morning. It is always nice to be insulted by a complete moron. *giggle*

New comment on your post #643 “About:Me”
Author : Whatever (IP: ,
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Whois :
Your blog sucks and so does your attitude. Go suck a fuck you loser.

Of course, in this instance I know where it came from. I left a comment over at Towleroad about the lesbian suing eharmony because they don’t cater to lesbian/gays.

I think I might do a weekly section dedicated to these folks. This particularly bitter individual must be miserable in life. He/she also managed to equate the murder of Matthew Shepard w/eharmony refusing to cater to us. Oh yeah, that is truly great logic in motion.

11 thoughts on “Bless His Heart”

  1. I agree! I love your blog too, Moby. Isn’t it great that even “anonymous” commenters leave a trail? Thank goodness for blog statistics. 😀

  2. Wait, I still want to watch Moby ‘suck a fuck’… it sounds pretty hot to watch. Well, in that M. C. Escher impossible sort of way…

  3. Thanks for the love guys. I’m way more amused than annoyed.

    Lewis ~ I have an internal plugin that does much the same thing. It records every IP from every visitor whether they comment or not. I’m a sneaky bastard!

  4. Damn! You mean you know it’s me when I leave all those nasty comments? That’s just not fair!

  5. I’m with you on the e-Harmony thing. It’s not their bag, so what. Should Blow Buddies be forced to accommodate women?

  6. I didn’t know you could track people like that. Well, anyway, I live near Rochester. Pittsford is one of those very upscale suburbs. So, anyway, my apologies for the rudeness of one of my neighbors.

    As for sucking a fuck…it boggles the mind. I’ve tried to picture it, but nothing is coming…

  7. At least no one’s mailed you rotting meat. At least not yet. But then again, you don’t rag on Preznit Bunnypants nearly as much as I do…

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