Insert Tear Here


A big thank you to all the kind words and advice from so many of you.  I’m very honored people have followed my constant back and forth’s with TFA so intently.1 

I’m not really that depressed.  Sure I’m sad.   But, if I think about it, I haven’t really lost him.  We’ve just altered the parameters of our relationship.  I still feel the same way.  In an odd way, I actually feel closer to him.  I’m content to be his friend and confidant.  Who knows what the future holds.  Worst case scenario, I made a very good friend. 


In completely unrelated news, work was a bore today.  I did manage to log on and order 4 new pair of jeans.2

  1. Lord knows, it has been a bit of a roller coaster. []
  2. Gooster will be so happy. []

9 thoughts on “Insert Tear Here”

  1. Sorry to hear about the relationship changes between you and TFA. At the same time, like you said, it is great that you can still remain as a good friend to him. Take care.

  2. Okay….trying to catch up here (read yer post over on twitter). Sorry to hear of the downturn in the relationship, Moby, but glad you two are still friends.

  3. With the relationship between you and TFA changed and 4 new pairs of pants, whatever will you blog about? I am sorry, I have never lost a pair of pants in my own home, no matter how hot and crazy it gets! Besides, if you took a vote, I am sure most people would prefer you without pants big guy!

    As for TFA, it is what it is, and you knew you were better off accepting that versus trying to force either of you into a situation that isn’t 100% positive for you both. Big Hugs for both of ya! I know it isn’t easy but that you both will have a special place in each other’s heart!

  4. Sorry you are in a pouty mood today Moby. What kind of jeans did you order? I need new jeans too! My jeans either have holes in them or many of the belt loops are broken off. I emailed you something to get your mind of things. Hope it helps boo. 😉

  5. So, one or two pair weren’t enough? Are they tight…slinky….ass hugging….ball wrenching….dick showing??? And of course we’d have a tear for you….please…’re our buddy. Take care.

  6. A big hug to you. It’s never easy to alter the relationship status, but think of it as an upgrade, as you’re now both closer friends.

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