So, I’m probably one of about 10 fags not going to IML this weekend.  I had originally planned to go but decided against it.  I’ve been plenty of times and frankly, I can have sex here every weekend for free.1

I have a 4-day weekend and very little planned.  My own fault really but I can’t be bothered to care.  I seem to care less and less about gay high holy days as I get older.  I don’t know if that is maturity or bitterness.  hehehe  I did make an effort to fill the void though.  Saturday, I’m meeting roblog for lunch.  I haven’t chatted w/him in ages and there is much to discuss. 

I’m also supposed to meet a very handsome guy I met on bigmuscle on Sunday.  Physically, he is everything I like and then some.  Mentally, so far so good.  However, I have learned not to build up expectations.  The worst thing one human can do to another is not live up to their expectations.  I’m just excited to meet someone new.  If he turns into a friend, great.  If he turns into more, even better!2  If not, well scratch another one.

The weather has been great so I’m also planning a bike ride on Sunday or Monday.  I’m sure I’ll also take in the Indiana Jones flick at some point.   

I’m off to work.  I have a short week so it is my Friday.  I’m excited but over this day already. 

  1. Usually that is, if you are logged in here,  you’ll understand what I mean by the previous post. []
  2. The fucker is hot! []

4 thoughts on “Anticipation”

  1. For some reason, I mis-read when you said “If not, well scratch another one” to “If not, we’ll scratch each others”… I’m not sure whether it’s just me having a dirty mind or it was my expectation of reading something dirty on your blog. XD

  2. After being in NYC the weekend before, the was NO way I was going to make it to IML. Plus I had nothing to wear and am still 15 lbs too heavy for the event!

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