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Da Omna Santis

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I’m fast becoming addicted to flickr. I swore off of it for quite some time however, the site is just so damn convenient it is too hard to say no. I regretted actually paying for a premium account but, being a control freak, the yearly $25.00 won’t kill me.

I decided I would randomly post pics from flickr just for shits and grins. I took this one a while back at the old Sutro baths here. I have no idea what the latin inscription means or even if it is real.

4 thoughts on “Random Pic”

  1. yup, addicted too. just paid my $25 today, and i *can’t* afford it really.
    i like the pic.

  2. I’m on the fence – was spoiled with a temporary free pro account when Yahoo photos gave it over to flickr, so I know what features you’re enjoying! …

    Fine. *whips out credit card*

  3. You have to search for more info on this since I couldn’t find mention of it on the ATT website but I believe you get a free Flickr pro account if you are an AT&T Yahoo! DSL subscriber. Just log in to Flickr with your AT&T e-mail address and password and create an account. 🙂

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