I rarely advertise for corporate logos here as….well not many companies every really meet my expectations.  Most corporate gigs these days are all talk about customer service until it comes right down to it, then they stick it to you.  I’m happy to say, not all.


I’ve been the proud owner of a BBP bag for about 2 years now.  The unique design first drew me when I started riding motorcycles.  This bag allows me to push the weight down onto my lower back instead of pushing me onto the handle bars.  It also doubles as an over the shoulder tote-bag.1  The picture above is the XL version as I have 17" laptop.

I give them props for standing behind their product.  They offer a lifetime warranty and they mean it.  I’ve only had two problems in the past two years but both times they helped w/only a minimum of fuss.  The first bag had to be replaced completely.  They had just branched into larger bags and the zipper compartment was faulty.  Once I sent them a pic of the broken zipper, they sent me a new one pronto.

My second problem popped up recently.  The back buckle has a little resistance lip to keep the straps from slipping.  One of the lips cracked off.  Once again, the folks over at BBP sent me my new shoulder strap w/just a picture for proof.2 

Anyway, if you are in the market for a new bag, give’em a whirl.  It may or may not be for you but I can vouch first hand they stand behind their product.  A very rare thing these days. 

  1. They have a nifty little vid on their homepage that shows how easy the bag converts. []
  2. I did have to pay for shipping but that was expected. []

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  1. You gurls apparently aren’t listening. It is a backpack that holds a 17″ laptop. Show me anyone who packs around a “man purse” that large on their shoulders. heehee

    Besides, I AM gay! 😛

  2. Jansport is like that with their backpacks. I bought one my Freshman year in high school that lasted until my junior year in college. Then, the strap broke. I remembered that they offered a lifetime warranty, called them, sent them my broken backpack and they sent me a brand-spankin’ new one at no cost. I like companies that stick to their word.

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