Dinner Out

The roomie’s boyfriend (Ty Lebouf) is in town for a video shoot.  What was supposed to be just a nice dinner with the 3 of us turned into a group of 5.  Two of the other porny boys joined us.  I was a little apprehensive at first1 but it turned out just fine.  Actually, they were a hoot!  I laughed good and hard throughout the whole dinner. lol  Of course, they are never what you expect.  Josh West was a lot quieter in person. I fully expected him to have a bigger than life ego to go with his bigger than life cock.  To discover him to be very sweet and respectful was a bit disarming.  I was actually a little taken with him.  lol  I doubt he much noticed me beyond the laughter but no matter.  I liked him.  I’m still swooning over his big muscle profile. 

The other guy I’ve seen around but never really heard his name used until tonight.  Ross Hurston (I had to Google the spelling).  He was a charmer for sure.  Having never seen any of his movies, I have no comparison however, I liked his sharp wit and sense of humor.  He is staying in SF for awhile so I’m sure to run into him again.  Trouble that one is, thru and thru.  His humor and mine would be a holy terror together.  I fully expect to test that at some point. 

They both seemed taken w/my bluntness.  I admit it, I get a kick when people are surprised by my lack of self-censorship.  I don’t feel compelled to sugar coat the truth over most things and it shows. heehee 

Needless to say, dinner was a well enjoyed event. 

  1. I don’t much care for the attitude that often accompanies them. []

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  1. What happened to not judging the book by it’s cover. One of my best friends does drag and I always get a groan, until they see the show.

  2. I’m so jealous! I think it would be fun (just once) to peer behind the scenes and meet some “porny” boys in a dinner type setting.

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