I haven’t really been inspired to blog much lately.  Even my twittering has waned.  After getting yet another round of emails asking “are you ok?”  I figured I should at least post an update.

Nothing is really wrong, [1]well other than being a 2nd class citizen in the eyes of the law again. I’ve just been busy.  Work has been crazy.  My union duties are extremely busy right now.  The other day I had so much union related stuff going on, I only sat on channel for about 45mins the whole day.  I’m not complaining as I usually get results.  Plus, I am actively working to make my place of employment better. 

I’ve also been heavily involved in playing Gears of War 2.  I freaking love that game.  I beat the campaign level once already and am really enjoying the online play.  If you have an 360, you should try it even if you don’t normally go for FPS (first person shooter) games. 


The Prop 8 scandal still smarts.  I will admit to being rather sad lately over the whole ordeal.  I’ve attended several rallies and sit-ins.  And while it feels good, I just feel like rallies don’t accomplish much after the fact.  Where were all these people when our rights got taken away?  I’ve also donated all I can at this point.  I’ve pushed my finances as far as I’m willing.  I’ve already forgone riding gear, my holiday overtime pay and money for personal holiday gifts this year.  I can’t afford to give anymore right now.  I know I sound pissy but I’ve done my part.  I’m certainly not giving up but we all have limits. 

I’m curious about the whole “amendment process”.  I’d love to start an amendment to ban divorce in California.  Or maybe we could ban marriage all-together.  Or how about we ban Mormons?  How very “christian” of you to force your beliefs on others. Don’t like the idea of marrying a gay person?  Well then don’t do it you ignorant hate-mongering fuckers!  That’s ok, you’ll get yours in the end.  I have no doubts in that. 


I’ve been hitting the gym consistently.  I’m back up to a full routine.  Still haven’t hit my original limits but slow and steady.  I’ve been good at incorporating cardio into my routines and I’m getting used to it now. 


I had a date last week.  It was a medic who was doing his Medic cert back when I was doing my EMT cert.  We used to run into each other at the hospitals and chatted often.  Anyway, long boring story short, it did not go well.  One, he was clearly husband shopping.  Two, he had some internalized homophobia.  Neither of which I am inclined to put up with.  The final straw was when he indicated the whole Prop 8 scandal had very little to do with him.

I think he was more disappointed than I was. heehee  His face fell several times in the course of our conversations.  It was clear he expected me to be of a similar mind-set since we worked in related fields.  I almost felt sorry for him.  Almost. 


I’ve taken my daily journals private again as they aren’t very nice right now. 


1 well other than being a 2nd class citizen in the eyes of the law again.

6 thoughts on “Ho-hum”

  1. Not sure what you are doing for Cardio, but I got into running over the summer. I always did more cardio than weights, with my frame I know I’ll never have the big guns lol. But running I’ve really come to love, and I think of everything that pisses me off and it pushes me 🙂

  2. “Where were all these people when our rights got taken away?”

    That’s my beef, but it doesn’t seem to register with people. As you know, I’m an old fart who has worked to get some of those rights. It just killed me to watch the younger gays (under 50 crowd) party hardy, but ignore those very fragile gains.

  3. I think the out come of Prop 8 has been an eye opener for me. I felt more accepted as an equal before the vote than I do now. I think years of not experiencing the hate first hand from neighbors or co-workers made me feel gays were becoming more and more accepted. I guess gay tolerance should never be put up for a vote because it looks like if they could vote us away they would. We have a very long way to go. It’s very depressing and sad.

  4. I went on a date with a guy I met online. It was just before the election and we were driving to the restaurant, having date chat, and I said that I was really nervous about the election. He said “oh yeah..that’s coming up soon, isn’t it?
    (uh oh)
    I replied ‘Yes, and I’m really worried, even though Obama is ahead in the polls’
    his resopnse:
    ‘Oooooh bummer!’…’guess all my taxes are gonna go up if that guy gets in’
    i was polite …. and that’s the best I can say about it. I will say that when the bill came for the dinner, I never for one second moved a muscle to pay for it, and i purposefully ordered the filet mignon and an expensive sonoma cabernet.

  5. What I want to do is back a proposition that bans further propositions. I’m sad to say that I don’t think most of our voters are well informed enough to be trusted with making good decisions.

    (Uh… hi! I followed a link from DogPoet that a friend of mine sent me.)

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