Weekend “Stuff”

This past weekend was rather fun.  I went for a 150 mile ride two days in a row.  The first day I went solo and the 2nd day I rode with a friend from the sports bike group.  The 2nd day was the most fun as we drove down to Big Basin park.  The views were awesome and the windy roads even better!  There was a moment when we were taking a break where this very friendly guy came over to chat with us.  I first pegged him as gay…well until his wife sauntered over.  He was very friendly.  One might say too friendly for your average straight guy.  My friend and I both thought there might have been a ‘story’ there. lol  Anyway, the rides were awesome.  I’m loving the new bike more and more every day. I am kicking myself for waiting so long to upgrade.  As for the shoulder, it is healed up nicely.  I still have some numbness around the wound from nerve damage but it is better every week. 

Friday night I also had dinner with Adam & Brad.  I hadn’t seen them in ages and it was nice to catch up.  They seem very acclimated to life in the big city now. heehee  Brad is looking rather hot as he has been hitting the gym pretty hard.


I finished Gears of War on the first 2 difficulty settings. The hardcore mode is proving rather difficult.  I can only imagine what “insane” mode is going to be like. lol  The online mode for this one is way ahead of the previous version.  I have to admit the game has consumed a lot of my free time as of late. 


TFA was in town this past week as well.  We had an awesome time, as usual.  He gave me the nicest compliment w/o even realizing it.  While I was undressing (get your mind out of my gutter), he casually mentioned, “someone’s been working out“.  It was so unrehearsed and off-the-cuff I knew he meant it vs just trying to flatter me. hehehe  So…he got it extra hard just for that, twice! 

6 thoughts on “Weekend “Stuff””

  1. As for the married geeks of the world (and, remember, I used to be one), they are the horniest….not getting it at home, itching for some weenie, and DYING for a handsome motorcycle-riding stud to get on his knees. As for working out, I willl never look like you, nor Brad, nor Adam…. but this ass has been in the gym nearly every day of the last three weeks. and feeling quite good about it, thank you.

    @A Lewis ~ Ya know, I often here people make comparisons (I’ve done it myself). It doesn’t matter how you compare to others. What matters is that you meet your own goals. And, I find consistency in the gym more than anything else, yields the best results. Just my .02.

  2. What is with the sudden appearence of all these married guys who take a bit too much interest in other men? Right now I work with one, and the guy who moved in next door seems to be one as well.

    Good to hear your recovery is coming along well too.

  3. Well, if you had gotten your bike sooner, it would be wrecked and you would probably have a different one. Just sayin! Things happen they way do for a reason!

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