Ok, I Admit It…

…I haven’t been reading my blogroll.  I’m sorry, really I am.  I finally just cleared “clear all” in my RSS reader.  I know, I know, shame on me for letting my life get in the way of blogging.  In my defense, I have been rather busy.  I mean with the new bike, new xbox games, gym, sex, and work, who has time to blog? 

Anyway, the roomie is out of town for the holiday(s) till the first of the month.  I’d never admit it to him but I miss him already.  He is a good roomie and for all his drama, a good friend.  He is stopping off in Louisiana to see his ex-bf so I’m sure he’ll have all new tales of drama upon his return.

Speaking of the holidays, I gave most of my holiday fund to the NoOn8 and NoOnH8 campaigns.  However, I finally got the refund check for my old bike.  And in even better news, it was $500 more than I expected!  One might say it was karma…I’m just sayin’.1  I know I should put it toward my credit cards but why pay now when I can pay later?  lol  Ok, I am putting some of it toward the cards.

Having already given away a lot, I’m not spending much on the holidays this year.  The last couple of years I’ve spent quite a bit.  I’ve already purchased most of the gifts for friends/family.  Other than Christmas cards, I’m about 70% done.  Oh, and if you want a card from me and I don’t have your addy, email me your info. 

My present to myself this year is a new tattoo(s).  I’m starting a half sleeve on my upper right arm.  I’ll also eventually be getting one on my inner left forearm.  Anyhoo, I’m finally going this weekend to start’em.  I’m so excited I’m giddy! lol  With the bike refund finally coming in, I’m all caught up from the accident.  I am still undecided between 2 different designs.  I’m gonna basically throw both of’em out there and see which one the artist improves on.  Both have a missing component I need help with.  If anyone has any tips or ideas on the actual process, feel free to chime in. 

  1. Does anyone else hate that phrase? []

7 thoughts on “Ok, I Admit It…”

  1. Don’t use that phrase; the old “Deo volente” does it just fine. God’s providential decree is another way of putting it. CB

  2. Have you thought of a giant Pepe le Pew?
    just kidding.

    I’d love a tattoo, but I’m too big of a wuss. and really – 70% done w/all things holiday? I’m envious. I haven’t even started….or thought about it.

    I’ll send you a card if you send me one! It’s the only thing I’ve purchased, and they are in very very very bad taste.

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