Ink - Oh yes!

As you can see, I finally started the half sleeve on my arm.  I’m very happy with it so far.  This is just the outline mind you.  I go back in early January to start the shading and color.  It is still evolving in my mind so it may take me a few months to finish it completely.  You can’t see from the pics but it extends up onto my shoulder blade.  That wasn’t what I had originally planned but to get the scale right it had to. 

I’ve been gung-ho to get it started but the the biggest delay has also been with me.  I knew I wanted a DNA helix but I couldn’t come up with a design that matched my vision, looked good, and complemented my form.  I’ve seen a lot of tattoos that looked good but didn’t look good on the person.  Anyway, it was Luke’s idea [1]the tattoo artist for the multiple strands.  As soon as he mentioned it, I was sold on the idea!  We talked and he created several sketches for me to choose from (I was really impressed with how much prep work he did).  He also clearly got the look and the design were equally important to me.  He never once tried to sell me on “his version” or change my mind.  He listened to what I wanted and filled in the gaps.  I really appreciated that. 

Ink 2

Having finished the brainstorming, we got started on a stencil to show me how the final product would look.  The end pieces are strategically placed in case I decide to add on more later. [2]I doubt I will but still nice of him to think of that.  By the time he got the stencil on me, I almost wet my pants I was so happy.

To be honest, I didn’t think we’d actually get to the outline.  We spent an hour just modifying and updating the design.  But, as luck would have it, his appointment right after me called to cancel.  The outline took about 2 hours.  I have no problem admitting by the end of the 2 hours, I was more than ready for him to stop.  The outer arm part wasn’t bad but the inner bicep hurt like a bitch!  By the end, my pain tolerance had completely waned.  I’m grateful he did the inner arm part first. 

There was a moment about half way through where he totally flattered me w/o even knowing it.  We were just exchanging small talk and he mentioned he’d never done anything like my design before and thought it would look very original.  I’ve always wanted artwork that didn’t come off like I’d just picked it out of a book.  He also wants pics of the final product for his art book. 

Anyway, I’m extremely happy so far.  The outline by itself looks awesome!  It flows well with the muscle and covers most of my upper arm.  Having had a chance to get used to it, I do have a couple tweaks though.  I think the middle and lower strands need to be extended a bit to finish off the balance on my arm.  Then comes the color and shading.  The outer strips on each strand will get shaded to give’em a 3D look.  The inner chemical bonds will be opposing colors that fade together in the center of each one. [3]I’m still deciding on how the colors will look.  I’m also concerned about the open spaces between the strands.  Nothing definite there yet.  I wanna see the finished look before adding anything new.  Oh, and one more thing, my inner shoulder seems a little bare.  *giggle*  Again, we’ll see how the final image looks before adding more. 

I’m still excited, can ya tell?


1 the tattoo artist
2 I doubt I will but still nice of him to think of that.
3 I’m still deciding on how the colors will look.

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  1. extremely groovy. it took my almost ten years to decide what i originally wanted. i really admire people who give thought to their ink. look forward to pics of the progress.

  2. Wow, nice line from the artist, some people don’t have the hand or eye for the line work but this guy’s is superior and confident too, wise choice. Great design too, lends itself to the natural curves of the arm.

  3. I love it! It looks really good on your arm. You look really good just anyway.

    I appreciate a tattoo artist who is serious about the art aspect of his work. Sounds like Luke is very good.

  4. I’m impressed. The width of the strands coincides with the ebb and flow of the underlying muscle strands…wider in the middle of the bicep, narrower above, which will accent the flexed really works with the lines of your body…I’m jealous…I need some new ink…

  5. Looks great, I was just telling someone that I wanted to get a tattoo and have no idea what I want…so I’m still in then thinking stage.

  6. Yup, that looks fantastic! I can’t wait for us to compare sleeves together! I start mine next month. I’m lookin forward to it, just not that achy pain that sometimes just feels like it’s gonna keeeel you….yeah..

  7. Impressive indeed! suggestion is when you fill in the DNA colors, make one pink or purple for the gay gene! lol…also the movie, D.E.S.S. bites the big one…special effects too reminicient of Matrix stuff, but the plot had maybe only 2 interesting points to make when they could have done a lot more…wait to rent it on dvd…but they had two movie trailers for Watchmen & Star Trek so all was not lost, lol!

  8. Thats going to look so damn good when the colour is added, its looking fantastic already! Great design, I’ll bet you can’t wait to get it finished.

    I think I’ve finally decided on a design I’d like to sart with too for myself (don’t worry, not yours) so brink on the ink I say!

  9. I commented on your Flickr photo, but again, it looks really really amazing. Huge kudos for a job well done. And, say now, that’s one hell of a perky nipple you’re sporting there.

    @ALewis ~ lol thanks. Oh and my nipple is always like that.

  10. Hey, Moby, you and I have the same pattern of chest and belly hair! You know, thick in the center and around the nips, a thin bit up to the collarbone, and bare by the armpits. I’ve also got that bare area between the chest and the start of the happy trail. You think we’re related? I’ll send you my DNA sample if you send me yours 😉

  11. Congrats. Can’t wait to see the finished work.

    That ink is going to look so aaaaaaaaawsome once you have it colored. It actually could hold it’s own right now with just the outline.

  12. never would of thunk’d you’d remove comments you didn’t like. interesting.

    @FXOFFROAD ~ huh?

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