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I got the opportunity to make a new friend this weekend.  Slickdome aka JJ from Twitter was in town for a conference.  He currently lives in frosty Chicago.  I didn’t realize at the time this was his first trip to San Francisco.  Anyway, I was more than impressed and came away wishing we lived closer as I really enjoyed hanging out with him and definitely feel like I made a new friend.

We met up Friday night at Firewood for dinner and some good conversation.  He had a lot to say as I grilled him on every aspect of his life.  What?  I couldn’t help it.  Having only interacted with him in a limited capacity on Twitter, I didn’t know much about him and let’s fact it, I’m nosey. *giggle*  Seriously though, I didn’t have any real expectations about our meeting but I had a blast.  I will say his Twitter pics do not do him justice.  He was much more handsome in person.  He was also very nice and came across in a very unaffected genuine manner. 

After the inquisition, I decided to take him by Daddies, aka 440 Castro.  We hung out talking and oggling menz.  I think he really liked it.  Not being fed up with me by closing time, we hopped over to Orphan Andy’s for a late night fatty snack.

Saturday, Adam joined us for a late dinner and a movie.  They talked shop a lot as they work in somewhat related fields while I gorged myself on food.  Afterwards, we watched the new James Bond flick, which I loved.  I thought it was just as good as the first. 

He leaves tomorrow but my weekend is over so he was left to wander the City on his own today.  He finally made it over to the Golden Gate bridge and I’m gathering from his tweets he enjoyed it.

Other than hanging out with JJ, there wasn’t much to my weekend.  I hung out with the roomie a bit and got a few chores done.  That pretty much sums it up. 

Oh and one of my regular readers sent me a box of homemade cookies for Christmas.  That was very sweet (literally).  The roomie and I have all but polished off the lot of’em. lol 

6 thoughts on “Twitter me this”

  1. It is always a great thing when you meet someone from the internerd and they exceed your expectations, plus you got homemade cookies… How insanely awesome is that!

  2. When you have a slow weekend, it’s an excellent time to open up that hall closet and get that month’s worth of laundry done. 😉

    brettcajun ~ We have maids for that.

  3. Aw Moby, you are such a sweet thang! I likewise feel that I’ve (unexpectedly) made a great new friend in you, as well as Adam. I can’t thank you enough for the intro to the Castro…. yes, I did have fun! Anyone who can indulge me with chocolate chip pancakes in the wee hours is a friend for life! And I have to say, aside from the playful banter and the sizzle of the grill, your insights were pretty astounding – thanks for sharing. I am definitely leaving SF a little wiser. You think the world is a jaded place and then something like this happens… You’ve helped restore my faith in people. *hugs*

    JJ ~ awww, you trying to make me cry? lol

  4. Way cool! I have had excellent experiences in meeting friends from the interwebs. (so far) Glad you and JJ had a good time.

  5. I’ve seen Slickdome mentioned several times over on twitter and was thinking of adding him as a contact!

    Glad you, him, and Adam had a good time.

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