I was supposed to meet up with a blog reader who is in town today and like an idiot I totally spaced it.  Good lord, I feel about as tall as an ant hill right now.  I hate when people are no-shows so I make an effort NOT to be a flake. 

Even worse, he sent me a very polite email afterwards. Not a hint of anger or resentment.  Nice, but I feel even more like a heel now.  Ugh! 

I can be very absent-minded about things, especially appointments.  To prevent myself from spacing, I usually write everything in my calendar.1  Naturally, I didn’t add my little get together today. The irony here is something has been nagging me at the back of my mind all day.  poof!  Now I know.

Anyway, I called him and he graciously agreed try again.  God love’em for putting up with me.


*Update* – we met up later in the evening and had a great time talking over dinner.

  1. Its the first page I visit on the computer in the morning to remind myself of things. []

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  1. I love my technology. More to the point, my iPod Touch is a lifesaver sometimes.

    The "Alarm" sound is enough to wake the dead.

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