I got a very nice surprise at the post office today.  An anonymous reader sent me this t-shirt.  It was a very nice gift and I am very appreciative.  You didn’t have to be anonymous though.1


The irony here is I recently ordered a custom shirt online.  This one is much better than my version. lol  I wore it today and got several smiles and laughs about it. 

So whoever you are, thank you very much for such a nice gift. I am very flattered.

  1. It was obviously someone on my xmas list as they wouldn’t have my PO box otherwise. []

8 thoughts on “Surprised”

  1. Excellent. Very cool shirt. And that's the risk of knowing a blogger overly well….ANYBODY stands a chance at ending up on the WWW.

  2. Wow, I give that person props for sending that to ya!

    I wonder what people around here would think of a shirt like that… Hell I have to explain my shirts almost every day… sad I know

  3. Damn. Why couldn't they have sent you a thong?:( I'm just trying to say you look darn good in your new shirt.

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