Blog Update

work file

check blog version – check

try internal update function – check

check plugins – check

check login script – check

check filter – check

delete htaccess file from image directory after plugin update – check

delete temp files

*update* – Ok, color me stupid. This was a private ‘to do’ file. Not sure exactly how I managed to publish it. lol Needless to say, I successfully upgraded my blog to 2.8.

3 thoughts on “Blog Update”

  1. Reading your info was very interesting for me, I've learned much more about you, and understand many things that were of question. Keep your head up and remain true to yourself. Looking forward to getting a chance to know you better… Galen

  2. Oh better than what I've been doing, a database schema for Marriage Equality RI so that people can hit the web site, key in their address and find all their neighbors on their street or in their district.

    Then I gotta figure out how to work it all into Google Maps API. Fun!

  3. Hey, I don't get why you do so much to keep your site updated? I use WordPress and almost everything is automated when I update portions of the site. Do you just like to tinker?

    @victor ~ Well, of course I like to tinker. lol However, as WP evolves I have to tinker less and less as the software does most of the work now.

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