Do You Moto?

Ok, its a cheesy rip off but I thought it was funny.

I had another great ride yesterday. We did a route very similar to last week but in reverse. It was warm again and only a tad windy. Well, the City was actually a little but cool but outside the City was warm.  As usual, we deviated a bit from the route but only a tiny bit and only added 20-30 miles. Still very fun.

The Friday rides are becoming are regular thing and I find myself looking forward to it all week. I know, I’m a dork but we all need a hobby right? Well, besides THAT. I am gay man after all. And lets face it, Daddy has needs! On a quick side rant, the boy is doing well. He called and woke me up this morning on his way to the dentist. He had to get a filling over a root canal from last week. Ouch. Anyway, I just melt inside when I answer the phone and he says, ‘hi daddy!’ Go ahead, laugh, joke, and giggle bitches. I can take it.

Ok, back to the topic. We stopped at the Los Vaqueros Watershed for lunch. [1]We picked up cheese steak sammiches for lunch in Brentwood.  Being Friday, it was completely deserted except for this one contingent of old folks that split soon after we arrived. We hung out goofing and talking. A total relaxed environment even though we did get off on a serious subject toward the end.

Here we are getting arrested for indecency in public (just kidding). lol William had the idea to take pics in front of the sheriff vehicle. At the last minute, they decided to pretend they were being searched. I’m taking the picture so I got to skip it. *g*

Left to right, Tom, Don, William, and a new guy to the group, Michael. I think Michael was a little disappointed as he wanted to go fast and race the curves. He seemed a little bored but made the best of it. From my point of view, that can be fun but its better solo or in pairs. Group rides should be more about the group vs pushing your skills. The group has several newer riders and it isn’t fair to push them into a situation where they not only feel left out but could also hurt themselves trying to keep up. Don’t get me wrong, he didn’t have an ego, he just wanted something different.

Actually, one of the things I love about this group is the lack of egos. All the guys so far have been super cool and really eager to be part of the group. To me, its as much about comradere [2]Bastardized spelling of the word as it is the ride itself.

Clearly, we have fun hanging out together. lol And not only did I remember to take the camera, but we used it! See, I’m getting better. Anyway, the guys are fun and I like hanging with’em. I’m sill a bit of a newbie to the group but they have welcomed me with open arms. I’m so shy, lord knows I need all the help I can get. Not buying it? Damn! Anyway, I’m enjoying getting to know everyone. A few guys I already knew from around town, the gym, etc, but it is nice getting to know them better. We all have very different jobs and backgrounds which adds to the mix IMHO.

Here’s all our bikes together like wayward children. lol Front left is Tom’s, front right is Don’s. Back left to right is William’s Ducati, my blue gixxr (GSXR) and then Michael’s Kawasaki.

Today, I have absolutely nothing planned other than minor errands and the gym. I need some new tenny’s, and hygiene product. Oh very exciting to know right? I did indulge myself and have sushi though. I haven’t had sushi in a few weeks and I’m way overdo. Is a beautiful day out so I  might go for a short ride around the city too.

Oh and before I forget, I showed the apartment to a prospective roomie today. Uh, no. I care more about finding a good fit than just having a roomie. A good fit he was not. One, he smoked which was a deal breaker in itself. He also rambled on about how often his boyfriend would be staying over, strike 2. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he had the balls to tell me how drab my furniture was and that we ‘would have to make some changes’. Bless his heart. Better yet, he was genuinely surprised when I gave him the bad news. Whatev’s, me and my drab furniture will keep looking.



1 We picked up cheese steak sammiches for lunch in Brentwood.
2 Bastardized spelling of the word

10 thoughts on “Do You Moto?”

  1. Bless his heart.

    If I'm not mistaken that is a southern expression for 'go fuck yourself', right?? …albeit, loosely translated.

    Yes. You're a shy wallflower.

    @Blobby ~ pretty much

  2. It's a nice way of saying "go fuck yourself". I like it. Good luck on finding a non asshole asshole.

    I'll be going on one of your rides, just not right now. Damnit if I'm not broker than broke. Brrrrrrrroooooooookkkeeeee

  3. That 'prospective roomie' sounds like a dick. He commented on your furniture? Who the hell does that?!?!??


    As for your riding pals; I'm with cb…that is a VERY attractice group.

  4. I am glad you have such a fun hobby as motorcycle riding. It is nice to have an interest in something other than just "gym".

    The smoking thing in a roomie would totally turn me off too. With that said, I had a roommate for four year who smoked. He just went outside and I never smelled smoke in the house. So… not totally a deal breaker unless he refused to smoke outside.

    @brettcajun ~ I've become hyper sensitive to it so it is for me.

  5. Oh dear lord! A bay area spot that I've NEVER HEARD OF. Los Vaqueros what?!?

    Well…. first time for everything.

    Moby – have you guys gone a bit further and taken the 4 out into the delta? I love the delta. It's full of really cool, hidden, offbeat "deliverance" backwaters.

  6. You guys look like a cool motorcycle gang! Bike pants fashion show you guys did there in the picture? 🙂

  7. Oooooh You and your buddies can ride in and pillage my subdivision anytime. But let me warn you. I will spot that hot smile of yours even with those shades on. Looks like your having fun. Be safe!

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