I was reminded today of how I still need to work on my temper at times. Granted, the incident wasn’t of my doing but I over reacted nonetheless.

I’m leaving the gym and this woman (obviously of the lesbian persuasion) slams into me as she is coming in. I was all prepared to be nice about it, expecting her apology, when I heard those two little words…”fucking faggot”.

Now in my mind, the southern black women welled up in me with, “oh no she dinnn’t!” However, the bastard in me [1]satan made me do it, I just know it! took over and before I had even ‘thunk’ it out flew the words, “what did you just call me you fucking fish-fry c*nt?” She was clearly not expecting it but it was already too late. She got two full minutes of Moby’s get-in-your-face, eyes slitted, make a sailor blush obscenities. Poor thing, before she even had a chance to counter, I had not only countered but also attacked and conquered. Needless to say, she stormed away in huff.

Looking back on it, I really don’t know why I got so upset. It was pointless and nothing was really solved by my behavior. I guess it was just so unexpected from one of my own, so to speak, I just reverted to defense mode. Irregardless, I’m a little embarrassed to admit I behaved so badly.

If anything, it shows I still have anger issues. I guess that will be one of my resolutions for the new year.


1 satan made me do it, I just know it!

17 thoughts on “Nasty”

  1. Think of it this way – She'll definitely think twice about calling anyone a "fucking faggot" in the future; you just helped improve a fellow human being's behaviour.

  2. Uh oh. Humanity has raised its ugly head. I've been known to do the same sorts of things. It always reminds me of how far I need to go in my life. I'm glad I'm not alone.

  3. Good for you, my friend. Good. For. You.

    It's anger like that that is sorely missing in our community. If more people spoke out like you did we wouldn't have to deal with half the crap we have to deal with because people would respect us more.

    Anger issues? Perhaps. But not out of place here.

  4. HA HA!!! I think we are just getting OLDER and closer to that magical number "40". I know that I have been an ornery and mouthy old man in the last month. I almost feel entitled to speak my mind and not give a shit nowadays.

    Don't be embarrassed for being trigger happy and taking the nuclear option on her ass. You spoke up for yourself!!!

    Just don't EVER think about doing that to me or I'd have to open up a can of whoopass on ya! 😉

  5. Bravo!

    I don't have the guts to say anything. I was taught to let "them" say anything and they will eventually stop. Well, I'm 47 and "they" haven't stopped spewing their nasty words of hate… so good for you!! I wish I had half the balls you do… when I'm presented with such situations! It is a bit odd that she was a lesbian and spout such hate words… but she must have some serious issues then!

    Again BRAVO!

  6. I have always hated that word. It brings back horrible horrible memories and there is no excuse to use it.

    Although you may have over reacted, I think I may have done the same thing… well in my head at least.

  7. We've all endured the epithets and profanities so I applaud you for going off on her. Taught her a lesson, hopefully. BTW, I'll be 47 this year and always feel like the old man sitting on his porch waving his fist and screaming "Get off my lawn!" It's one of the privileges of getting older.

  8. Moby,

    I agree with the others, she deserved a swift verbal retribution. All too often we tolerate lack of civility as someone just having a bad day. I'm surprised no one else within ear shot did not chime with their words. Anger issues on your part? I think not.

    If anyone has an issue, it is that woman.


    PS: "Irregardless" is not really a word; Nonstandard; Is a double negative. Perhaps, just "Regardless".

  9. It ain't your fault. She asked for it and properly deserved those nasty words right back to her face!

  10. I'm not taking that shit anymore either. I have told a couple of teenagers in a crowded restaurant very loudly to stop the fag talk.

  11. I don't know it was pointless and maybe something was resolved by it – though you'll never know it.

    You know the reaction you would have gotten from her if you had called her what you did first and really unprovoked.

    Now maybe, just maybe, she'll think twice about calling 'one of her own' a "fucking faggot".

  12. f-ing goddamned YES! HELL yeah! no overreaction and no apologies due at all. nasty cunt'll think twice before she disses one of us again. guess her batteries must've died that A.M. for her to be such a miserable twat

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