As many of you know, Apple guy has been working on launching his own t-shirt/jock (strap) business. Folsom was the official launch.  And after a plethora of bugs and hiccups with ISP/domain transfers, the website for the t-shirts finally went live today! (The jock strap site is coming soon!)


Now keep in mind these are just a few of the designs that will eventually be available. [1]He has almost a 100 already.  He plans to roll out the rest as time goes by. Some of the shirts are edgy, some are funny, and some are a little of both.  Either way, feel free to pick one (or more) up now while they are still on sale. Once the sale is over, its full price for everyone. 

And if that doesn’t convince you, look at it this way, every shirt you buy goes to the “feed the Moby and Shane” fund. lolol  Ok, all joking aside, he has put a lot of work into it [2]I’m so proud of him! and you’d be doing me a solid if you picked one up. Or at the very least, pass on news about the site.

*TV Announcer voice*  But wait! There’s more! As an extra special tease, I have a secret (and somewhat dirty) surprise for the person who buys the most shirts while they’re still on sale.

Whaddya waiting for? Go check’em out already!


1 He has almost a 100 already.
2 I’m so proud of him!

One thought on “T-shirts”

  1. Does that surprise involve receiving a jock strap once worn during a sweaty workout at the gym by Mr. Moby himself with every 10 t-shirt purchase?

    @RG ~ Its possible. :p You'll have to buy some and hope you are the lucky winner!

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