Year 1

Apple guy and I reached our first anniversary this week. Wow! Where does the time go!?  It seems like just yesterday I was wooing him home with me, curling up together and falling asleep for the first time. [1]Yes, there are other memories but those are just for me! :p

The irony is when we met, I was content being single. I still wanted a partner but wanting one and needing one are two very different things. I’d reached a point where I’d outgrown the notion that I needed a partner to be complete. Lucky for me, he was in the same place mentally. I can’t help but wonder if that made our connection all the better. Anyway, I fell for him hard and I love that fucker something fierce! We are alike in many ways and different in so many others.

That’s not to say we haven’t had our problems. We both realized beforehand we were moving in together a bit soon. We were ok with the decision but I think it did lead to some of the friction between us. We had a pretty bad patch a few months back. I’m very happy to report, we got past it and worked things out.

So here we are our first year in and I’m still very much in love. I know I’m in love because (Ok here comes the mushy part) every time we crawl into bed together and I wrap my arms around him, all is right with the world. I find myself staying in bed every morning as late as I can just to enjoy the moment. So here we are our first year in and I’m looking forward to the next, and the next, and the next.


1 Yes, there are other memories but those are just for me! :p

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  1. You guys are inspirational. I just broke up with my boyfriend of 5 months and I feel like a failure because I was not enough for him not to look around for someone "better." I thought it was my responsibility to make things work, but fortunately I have great friends that now are telling me I was not myself anymore and that he was not really bothering to make an effort. I'm heartbroken right now but thanks to you, and my friends, I'm realizing that I don't care about being vulnerable and expressing my feelings, I look forward to meeting someone who respects me and I can talk to and agree on our differences.

    Thank you Moby. I always remember you from that day at California Pizza Kitchen. 🙂

    @Carlos ~ First, I'm sorry to hear that. Second, while examining your own behaviors is a good thing, you should never assume "its all your fault". And not "being enough for him" is total BS. You are a great guy who deserves someone who appreciates you and your qualities. Maybe he isn't worthy of what you have to offer?

  2. Awesome!!! Congratulations and I hope the warm fuzzies never die! Shannon and I have been together for 7 years now (wow – still doesn't seem that long). I know what you mean by the "feeling" cause I still have that with him and very happy that it's still there after all these years (and some VERY rough spots).

    The pictures I've seen of you two show the connection you speak of. Ya'll look similar too! When you start looking like the pooch, though, I'll be a little worried! LOL

  3. It is so nice to come home after a rough day and have a warm place to fall and have someone there waiting to catch you. ;O)

    Moby, so glad to hear you are still in love. Congratulations on your first year anniversary. Bob and I just celebrated our 18th last May and are working on 19. He is my best friend and I love him more each day. I can't believe the time has gone by so fast for us too. Where does it go?

  4. Congratulations! That a tough milestone to clear… now if they'd just get that marriage thing worked out…

  5. Great news! It's always reassuring to hear of two people communicating and working things out because they love one another. It seems to be rare in this throw-away society. Congratulations to you both!

  6. A few days late, but congratulations!!!

    It honestly felt like yesterday that you mentioned an "Apple Guy" as well. Very happy for you, big bro.

  7. Congrats to both of you! After 7 years I still hold Kirk's hand during movies and find it difficult to sleep when he's not next to me in bed. It's mushy but I don't care. And that my friend is what love is all about.

    @Cory ~ I know what you mean. I sleep horribly when he isn't home. I'm gonna have to lean heavily on modern pharmacology once he starts traveling to promote the biz.

  8. I'm kinda late here but…Happy Anniversary! 🙂 I'm happy for the both of you and it's great that you still have that spark going. Not too many people experience that kind of close connection. So cherish it. After more than six years being with George I'm still very much in love with him. I'm so damn lucky and wouldn't know what I'd do without him. See? You're not the only one who can be all mushy, lol.

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