Oh Yeah!

Today was the first day since the accident I worked out w/o any discomfort! The bone has been healed up for awhile now but the surrounding tissue(s) [1]ligament, tendons, muscle, nerves, etc have been taking their sweet ass time! Lol  I’ve actually been back in the gym, in a limited capacity, since the end of December. It’s been incredibly frustrating not being able to push myself like I’m accustomed to. But being a smart Moby, I have been taking it easy and gradually pushing myself w/o over doing it. So far, so good.

Not only did I not have any discomfort, I also did a full routine! [2]insert picture of me doing cartwheels here. Lol My muscles have that nice tight “pump” that comes from a good workout too. Hehehe  So, now begins the arduous task of building myself back up to previous levels. I also need to continue working off the extra poundage I picked up from not working out over the holidays. (I blame the cookies!)


In related news, the search for a new bike continues. I encountered some unexpected delays in getting the loan on my old bike cleared. I should have it all sorted this week hopefully. I MISS having a bike something fierce. I could handle the daily work commutes on MUNI. Every time I see a motorcycle now I get a sad feeling. *sigh* Time to stop dawdling and get on the ball.  Spring is fast approaching and I gotsta have some wheels to go riding with da gang!


1 ligament, tendons, muscle, nerves, etc
2 insert picture of me doing cartwheels here. Lol

6 thoughts on “Oh Yeah!”

  1. You said "nice tight pump." hehe

    I'm glad to hear you're pretty near back to 100%. But, honestly it scares me that you are going to get another bike. We want to keep you around for a long time.

  2. Ooooooh – muscle pumpitude!

    I'm looking forward to seeing the 1st pic of you on your new bike. And don't blame the cookies for your weight gain – blame your hand for stuffing them in your mouth! 😉

  3. So what are you looking for, bike wise? Another Sport bike or Sports tourer? Bandit keeps talking that he is going to get another SV, but it hasn't materialized yet. And he is always on the lookout for a BMW F800 ST.

    Personally he needs to buy a car, his new mantra, "If I need a car, I can take Jim's" is wearing thin now! LOL!

    @Tonka ~ another gixxr 750. 07-09

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