Random Schmandom

I’m pulling a ‘palin’ and making up words again. lol Anyhoo, I survived the 40th birthday. Actually, it was very low key and relaxed. Apple guy and I spent a day at Golden Gate park and a nice simple dinner. I’m not big on celebrating my birthday but it was very enjoyable. Yes, I did the obligatory going out to drink with friends. That said, I enjoyed the day at the park more. [1]Of course, I haven’t been huge on bars for years.


In other news, I’ve been getting a lot of meme requests lately. Sorry to disappoint but I hate those things and rarely do them. Every now and then I find one that strikes my fancy but it is rare. I appreciate the offer but don’t be upset if I don’t.


Apple guy and I spent this weekend finishing some projects around the apt. We also spent time on repeated trips to Target and Home Depot. He is very handy and always reminds me how easy some tasks can be when one applies oneself. I’d rather just pay someone else to do it. lol Ok, that’s only half true. Work takes a lot out of me and I’ll admit I rarely feel up to doing stuff that I consider to be “chores” around the house. I always help (as if I had a choice) when he does but he obviously enjoys it. I wish I got as much excitement out of it as he does. I’m just happy he’s happy and whatever makes him happy, I’m all about. *g*  He also gets huge props for turning my bachelor bad into a very comfy home for us both. I don’t even recognize the apt from then and now.


One of Apple guy’s friends had a sick doggy last week. The doggy is up there in years. This made me think of Spike and I honestly don’t know what I’m gonna do when he starts declining. He is doing remarkably well for his 8 years but we’ve noticed little signs lately that his age is catching up with him. I’ll be honest, I am gonna freak out if/when he does gets sick. I have never in my life been so attached to an animal. I honestly don’t understand it either. lol Growing up on a farm the way I did, we were always taught that animals come and go and not to invest too much energy in something that would end up being food later. Not that we’d eat dogs but the mentality carried over from our livestock to pets. I lost several pets as a kid and I can’t ever remembering being teary-eyed. I would be sad for sure just not all blubbery.  Hell, just the idea of Spike not being around makes me tear up. Seriously, I’m warning you now. I expect cards, gifts, and visits from all of you if/when Spike reaches his golden moment.


1 Of course, I haven’t been huge on bars for years.

4 thoughts on “Random Schmandom”

  1. Golden Gate Park….I don't even want to confess the last time I was in the park…..one year BEFORE you were born. I was 9. Holy smokes.

  2. I had a pooch that 4 years ago had 2 legs in the grave. I was sure I was going to be saying goodbye at any time. Well we went to the vet, put her on a diet – and its like I have a new dog who is puppy-like at the age of 14. I know not all breeds are the same. But I think they surprise us how much they want to stick around because they want to be with us just as much as we want to be w/them.

  3. Spike? You have a dog? I'm…..stunned. Near as I can remember, I've been reading you for at least five, maybe six years. i don't ever remember mention of a dog. I'm a rescue transporter…surely I'd remember a dog? really??? how about a pic?? please?

    @tom ~ you obviously don't follow me on FB. :~ lol The pooch came with the hubby. An 8yo English bulldog named Spike. I'll post a pic as soon as I get a chance.

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