I got into an argument the other day with a fellow rider about helmet safety. He doesn’t ride in our group but we see each other around and online. Anyway, he was bitching and moaning about getting a ticket for riding his bike w/no helmet. I was sort of shocked.

He tried to argue there wasn’t any real difference in riding w/o a helmet. It boggles my mind that anyone in this day and age would even argue that not wearing a helmet is a good idea. Naturally, the biggest blowhards always rant about ‘big government interfering with my rights, blah blah blah.’  Bullshit!  When you actually press someone it usually comes out that they don’t like wearing helmets for one of two reasons, style or comfort. True to my theory, he finally admitted he didn’t like wearing a helmet because it didn’t “look cool.”  And my reply, “well, if you think looking cool is more important than saving your skull then you’re a prime candidate for natural selection.”  We agreed to disagree at that point. lol  Virtually every agency I checked showed that wearing a helmet decreases the fatality factor by 35-38%  That’s pretty damn significant! 

I grew up riding dirt bikes and three-wheelers. Back then, I never wore a helmet because no one told me and I was too young to really think about it. Looking back on it, I’m lucky I didn’t end up dead or a quadriplegic. We used to do some crazy shit , jumping blocks, donuts, wheelies, jumping over gullies, etc. lol Of course, as an adult, I do know better.

Sadly, some states still only recommend helmets vs requiring them. In my old stopping grounds of Texas, a law requiring helmet use was actually repealed! [1]I’m not surprised.  California law requires a helmet for any 2-wheeled vehicle 50cc’s and above.

On a side note, I learned an interesting statistic while researching the stats for my little rant today. Almost half of fatal motorcycle accidents involve alcohol! I couldn’t imagine driving my bike while intoxicated. One, my balance is screwed up enough just walking much less driving a 400+ lb piece of machinery that requires me to execute balance maneuvers as a matter of course. Two, I’ve been the victim of a drunk driver and I’d never forgive myself if I injured (or worse, killed) someone because of my drinking and driving.

The moral of my little rant? Don’t be an idiot. If you ride, ride safely. That includes wearing PPE (personal protective equipment).


1 I’m not surprised.

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  1. I only ride a bicycle and would never consider going without my helmet, or ever drinking or toking beforehand.

    It's just a matter of responsibility.

  2. I live in Missouri which requires a helmet and work in Kansas which does NOT require a helmet. I can't believe how many co-workers ride to work without a helmet or even worse; once they cross into Kansas on the highway pull over and take their helmets off! Idiots!

  3. All the gear, all the time!

    This rule applies on my Duc, on my Daytona, and between my sheets!

  4. In Massachusetts they're mandatory. I only ride a 50cc two-wheeled leaf blower, and I wear a full face helmet. I have a petty face – I want to keep it that way.

  5. I would tell him that if he wants government off his back, then fine. Dont wear a helmet.

    But then he loses the right to bitch if he has an accident and we refuse healthcare and other services because of his negligence.

  6. Been to plenty of these crashes where a helmet has save somebody from getting killed or at least some disgusting injuries…….But I will say that one of the most extraordinary skull fractures I've seen at autopsy was wearing a helmet….but the circumstances were pretty extraordinary as well……I used to ride without a helmet all the time back when it was legal, and I'm amazed that I'm still around!

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