Still Here?

So… You still here? You are! What, you didn’t get raptured? Well, let me be the first to offer my sincere apologies that you got left behind with the rest of us sinners.

Wouldn’t it be nice if now maybe we could stop fighting over petty nonsense and actually be productive as a society?  No, instead everyone will wait for the next wingnut to come along with another outrageous, totally bogus, made up, ridiculous claim. There is nothing more powerful than belief, especially to those hoping against hope for someone to come along and magically make all their misery go away.

As a matter of fact, I’m getting a vision right now!  Stand by…..stand by………stand by………. I have it! The world will end in the year 2555 on November 15th at exactly 12:35 pacific standard time. Now you know. So go forth and worry no more my little automatons.

The end

One thought on “Still Here?”

  1. Why does everyone say the rapture never happened? It happened, an 8 year old boy from Port Clarence, Alaska and a 36 year old nurse from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico were selected. Nobody else qualified. Check out my facts!

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