Bad News

I had a rather optimistic post written but after the news I deleted it. If you haven’t been following me on Google Plus, [1]and you should because I’m eventually ditching Facebook and maybe event Twitter you know Spike’s been sick lately. I dropped him off at the vet today and the news turned out to be very bad.

His hacking cough turned out to be much worse than we thought. What we thought was an infection turned out to be a mass large enough its already compromised 2/3’s of one lung and part of the other. Basically, he has cancer. The vet seemed a little surprised he was doing as well as he was. The irony is I was afraid he did. I don’t know why I thought that, I just did. Even worse, due to his age and the severity of the mass, there is very little to be done. We could pursue very aggressive treatment but even if they did get all the cancerous tissue, he’d end up w/very little lung left. So in a nutshell, he has weeks maybe months left to live. Our focus now is to just keep him as comfortable as possible. The vet gave us some pain meds for him which should also help suppress the hacking.

I’d like to thank everyone who texted, emailed, tweeted, posted, etc with well-wishes. He is home and resting at the moment. He is still very groggy from the sedation at the moment and keep wobbling around. It would be comical if I wasn’t so upset.

When I dropped him off earlier, he knew something was up. He was so well-behaved but he had such a pining look on his face. When I picked up, I was already fighting back tears. Coming into the treatment area, I saw him before he saw me. He was so distressed and anxious. The moment he saw me, even as doped up as he was, he tried to come to me. He was so sedated he only managed to flop over a couple times and roll out of his cage. God love’em. Even in his haze, he knew me and wanted to get to me. This of course only made me cry more.

We took him to the SPCA veterinary clinic and the did a good job. The doc was so sweet and treated him well. She obviously liked her job. Most of the staff were pretty involved as well. There was one douche who didn’t really seem to care…well until I snapped at him for being nonchalant about me going back to see Spike. I would have grabbed him by “his” scruff and given him a good shake. He got the hint and got the hell out of my way.

I’m trying to keep it together. I still have time w/my Spika-doo for a while longer yet and I’m trying to be content with that. Continue to keep him in your thoughts and send him good energies.


1 and you should because I’m eventually ditching Facebook and maybe event Twitter

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  1. Save yourself what ultimately will be more painful and euthanize now. I've been through this three times with cats now and I can tell you that once a mass is detectable, it's too late. Just euthanize.

  2. So sorry to hear that, friend. I hope Spike won't suffer too much. When Topper was diagnosed with a tumor in his sinus, it was six weeks before he was so sick he could no longer follow us around the house. We took him to the vet and held his head while he died, not because he was in too much pain, but because we were. Having been with you, Spike will have a good start in his next life. (Did you know, even dogs can be enlightened?)

  3. I am at the point with my two dogs that I know I need to get a new pup . . . mainly to offset my tears when mine go, as well as the surviving one 🙁 I have not yet because my partner keeps bringing @%$@#%@#$ cats into the house! Sure I love them, but 5 cats to 2 dogs is insane! But when the next cat or two goes, we're getting another pup.

    I know many people refuse to get a new animal when their's goes. That's why I'm trying to prepare. I honestly think it's harder on the dogs than us Humans. If you only have one animal, it weighs on you. IF your have 2 animals, it weighs on you and the surveying animal. For me, I know if Princess (the older dog) goes, Nikko would die of a broken heart at this point. That would kill me 2x over 🙁 So I know I need another dog at some point . . .

    HUGS! I'm not saying get another dog for you or Spike right now of course. Nothing can ever make up for a lost pet. But sometimes a younger animal can make the transition for you (and others- which you'd don't have) easier.

  4. I would also say if you think of getting another pup when the time comes, don't get another of the same breed. Just to help you transition since this was your first dog (well I don't know if you had any as kids and if really it was your first ). Again HUGS! Been here a few times over, and have my BFF going through it now with her first ever pet. I know how heartbreaking it is 🙁

  5. Moby! Oh my gosh, I am so so so sorry for your bad news. I cannot imagine. I'll be thinking of you…and the Spikester……big hugs to you both.

  6. We just lost one of ours, Candy, in March…She had been getting some dementia and losing weight. Tom took her to the vet and she was full of cancer…..She actually hung on for about a month, not appearing in pain. We made sure we took her to all of her favorite places while she was able. When it became clear that she was going to be losing her dignity we took her in….You're going to have to be the one to decide.

    For a while we used something called rescue remedy rather than painkillers…it's natural and kinda just mellows them out. You might try that if the drugs are making him just out of it….

    Tough road and I feel for you…let us know if you need anything..

  7. My thoughts are with you. I know it's tough. When we lost Lance to Prostate cancer Jan of 2010, I couldn't stop the tears.

    I've got a shoulder for you to lean on!


  8. I'm so sorry. I went through a similar situation last year about this time. Do what you think is best for him, give him more love than you thought possible, and listen to him. He'll tell you what to do and when. Until then, just enjoy each other and try not to worry too much about it.

  9. Oh I'm so very sorry to read this! I'm crying in my office right now– you made me remember a time I had to pick up my dog Sully from the vet. He was so doped up and they wanted to keep him overnight because he couldn't stand yet, but when he saw me he struggled so hard to get up that they let me take him home. I slept with him on the floor that night.

  10. Awwhhh… I'm sorry boo. Spike is a beautiful dog and he's your baby. Give him all the love and cuddling you can over the next few weeks. Tell him you love him… even if he cannot understand you. This is sad. 🙁

  11. So sorry to hear about Spike :(. The love between you both is clearly evident from your post. You'll both be in my thoughts in the days ahead.

  12. Moby – so sorry to hear this about Spike. I know the feelings your going through all too well and I empathize. I'm 2200 mi away, but if there is anything I can do….. He knows you love him and that's always a great thing!

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