Know Thyself

People really crack me up sometimes. They say perception is 9/10’s reality but there are also times when you need to use your head for something besides a hat rack. I just had a rather odd email conversation with a distant Facebook friend who was pissed at me for not knowing what was going on with him. Apparently, he’s been going thru some drama and updating FB with it. It was somehow my fault for not knowing. I saw him online, sent a polite message, and proceeded to get attitude because I was being jovial. Excuse the hell out of me!

On a similar rant, a while back I had another FB friend (who found me thru twitter) get pissy with me because I didn’t want to have cyber sex with him over cam. I first politely explained it wasn’t my thing even if I thought he was attractive. Sex over cam is so 90’s and boring to me. I realize it may be fun for some but that doesn’t mean everyone is into it. Finally after like the 4th or 5th push to show my junk, I got rather direct and let him know it was never going to happen. He has since unfriended me, to my delight.

So yes, all these sites can be wonderful mechanisms for communication. But lets face it, none of us only friend people we actually know in real life. Hell some folks have thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of friends on these sites. It is unrealistic to think every one of your “friends” keeps up with your every update. Frankly, it borders on impossible for anyone who has a life offline. For myself, I’m not so foolish to think everyone on my list knows everything I post. Most of what I post on FB and such is absolute drivel anyway. lol That’s when I’m even on. Most of my updates on FB come from my Google+ account (or twitter).

Yes, I have some nice friends online whom I’ve never met. I have some I’d love to meet someday as well. That still doesn’t mean I’m all up in their grill 24/7. If I’m a real friend to you or vice versa, then I’ll take the time to talk, text, email, or see you. in person. In person isn’t always possible but a friendship is only as good as the effort you put into it, not what you get out of it. And posting online is not what I would call effort.

The sex thing is funny. But again, don’t get all twisted because not everyone is into the same thing. I clearly have no problem with sex and/or hookups. That doesn’t mean every profile I have online is filled with a insatiable desire to get laid. Even still, if I politely decline 2 even 3 times, take the hint.

At the end of the day, just use your brain people. Don’t get pissy because some random stranger doesn’t know you’re having a bad day/week. Be happy someone actually took the time to reach out to you in the first place.

/ rant

5 thoughts on “Know Thyself”

  1. Man, I piss people off at least once a week.

    And I would be fine with that if I were TRYING to piss them off– but mostly it's them completely overreacting.

    People who overreact piss ME off.

  2. I know exactly what you mean Moby, just went through it this weekend with a local friend who supposedly was down in the dumps and got angry and actually viciously attacked me and the agency I work for for not knowing he was down in the dumps and therefore not doing anything about it.

  3. I find (unfortunately) online communication only amplifies personality flaws. With the lack of instant accountability and facial clues it's easy to spiral into your own projected drama. I've caught myself doing it and I think I'm a fairly reasonable person. I find it's one of the flaws of the medium and counters the benefits of connecting with so many so easily.

  4. Umm, I'm still at "washing dishes nude"! LOL. I'm really bad at being flirty, especially on-line, but it doesn't mean I want to jump someone's bones. I just don't understand the people who don't get or have a clue. I also don't get the sex on Cam things, too cold and impersonal.

    Besides, sometimes sex ruins a friendship.


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