Resolute Poot

So 2011 is over and I couldn’t be happier to see it go. I was off from work this year for NYE, thankfully. My NYE consisted of sushi early enough to avoid the crowds and cheesy/funny kung-fu movies on the TV with Cooper passed out next to me. I caught the ball-drop on Tivo.

It was an absolute shitty year for me personally and I’m more than ready for 2012, our last year together. [1]According to the lunies, the world will end this year because the Mayan’s decided to stop counting at 2012. It’s been one shitstorm after another this year: the relationship ending, pay cuts at work, Spike getting sick and then later having to be put to sleep, and not to mention my debt.  I’m hopeful 2012 will be better for me. I’d never say it can’t get worse but I sure hope not. lol

My only resolution this year is to focus on getting my life back together. I’m faced with some difficult choices in the next couple months. As mentioned, I have a few blog posts backed up from the WordPress snafu. Once those roll out, the blog might go dark for a few weeks until I get things sorted. It all depends on how things go.

The one bright spot in 2011 was the arrival of little Cooper. He brings me joy every day. Speaking of, he has also settled in quite well to his new home. One has only to observe the changes in his behavior to know he is happy and content. He is still having potty episodes but they are getting farther and farther apart. [2]Here’s hoping my carpet survives! lol Of course, he still farts like a demon that’s been gang-banged by a stink bomb. Seriously, I’m surprised the paint isn’t pealing yet. heehee Regardless, I love him.

On a side rant, it is amazing how much joy and contentment an animal can bring to one’s life. Growing up the way I did, I tend to be very independent. But I tell you this, having an animal with such unconditional love and faith in me is very rewarding. And, I honestly think if he were not around I would have slipped back into depression over the current state of things.

Anyway, here’s to our last year together. I hope everyone had a pleasant and safe holiday season. Best wishes to you all in 2012! And as I am sometimes fond of saying, ‘hope springs eternal!


1 According to the lunies, the world will end this year because the Mayan’s decided to stop counting at 2012.
2 Here’s hoping my carpet survives! lol

6 thoughts on “Resolute Poot”

  1. Best wishes!

    We recently found when we put one of those motion sensing air fresheners in the area the dogs sometimes had "accidents", we haven't had an accident yet. (of course I've had a low-grade headache and I think my nose will start bleeding soon – I don't know what crap they put in those things… )

  2. Try changing Cooper's food. My guess is it's full of grains, not exactly a dog's best friend.

    @jim ~ He is already on a grain-free food but we think it still might be the culprit. We've put him on a different food for a few days to see.

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