I was jaunting down memory lane today, well sort of. I got a wild hair and loaded every single one of the old blogs I used to follow. Sadly, only about a 4th of them still exist. And only about half of those were being updated regularly.

I need to start finding new blogs again. I miss reading about people’s travels in life. Social media is fine but you tend to get so much crap mixed in with the good stuff, you often miss the gems of worth. I miss the days when blogging was still somewhat new and more people were doing it more often.

I keep chugging away at mine. Time will tell I guess if it lasts. Every time I think I might get bored with it, something always happens to remind me why I do it. Smile 

How many of you still blog?

9 thoughts on “Past”

  1. I've used blogger for awhile and tend to get distracted by trying to get the right visuals to go with what I write, so I end up abandoning things. I've also done a few blogs that were meant to be temporary or limited–travelogues of specific trips and such things for friends and family to be able to follow me. Now, I do most of my blogging via flickr–I like trying to get one picture to represent the day and then just write around that. I've always been a very avid journal keeper; as much I sometimes want to stop, I can't seem to move away from it all for very long. I used to be hyper-private with my journal and wouldn't let anyone even touch it much. Now I tend to let everything out and put it all in the public forum.

    I very much enjoy reading yours and love seeing the pics of little Cooper.

  2. I still blog about every month or every other month. I've been working through a project to update a lot of my older content to work with the new format.

  3. I still blog, but often find it hard to πŸ™ I spun TV shows off into a separate blog, and that's where I blog the most. Then I made a Tumblr blog to use iPhone apps to post too lol. I need to merge this with my personal blog. I know how to do it, the first time I tried was a disaster though πŸ™ It's spammed my subscribers. I need to kill that plug in for a day or so and then try it again.

    I just don't know what to blog about anymore that is interesting, or I'd want to read about. I know I whine too much and so I don't want to turn my blog into a bitch-a-thon πŸ™‚ Unless it's a political one mind you! I'm back to working too much, then coming home and not even having the desire to play video games. The horror! All I can do is vegetate in front of the tv or netflix, or drag myself to the gym πŸ™‚

  4. I still have it in mind and occasionally get something down in words. Since my blog focused on my motorcycling and that wasn't too much more than my commute to work last year, the blog really suffered. And then I'm in a similar situation as Dustin's final sentences. Or I bring work home which just prevents 'personal time' from happening.

  5. I have been blogging for 8 years. I deleted the first two years after someone (who I didn't want seeing) saw my blog and I panicked. I don't care anymore who reads it. Glad you are still blogging! πŸ™‚

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