In case you missed it, my blog buddy Large Tony is back! I guess he missed us too much. hehehe

LT is one of my longest reads next to Homer. [1]Well BrettCajun too when he surprises us with new updates. LOL  I stumbled over his blog roughly a year or two after I started my own blog. His sense of humor, southern manners, and generous “writings” made for regular read on my list. His style is often laced with adult topics but once you start reading, it is hard to stop. hehehe This is his 4th venture into the blog world. Each of his previous blogs served a purpose in his life and when one came to an end, the blogworld heaved a collective sigh of disappointment. This time he seems to be back for the pure joy of blogging.

If you get a moment, hop over and say hi. Maybe you’ll get hooked on his great stories about Granny, the Attorney, himself, or random adventures in discovering first world problems of a man with certain ‘blessings.’ heehee

We missed you T and glad you’re back.


1 Well BrettCajun too when he surprises us with new updates. LOL


So I had a post all done up about my blog stats since the move and it has mysteriously Emotes face surprisedisappeared. For the life of me I can’t find it now. I thought maybe I might have published it and forgotten but not there either. Ironically, since I originally pulled the stats they have changed a bit so I’m just gonna start over. :p

First, you all know I’ve been happier than a pig in slop with my new hosting provider. I’ve also been on the warpath lately commenting on social & news sites. This has brought some interesting visitors to my modest home on the web. Quite a few have been from rather “religious” sites and let me tell you, some of God’s gentle people have absolutely filthy mouths on them. Seriously, one guy, not realizing the filter was kicking in, posted 9 times hoping it would hit my blog. lol [1]Silly boy, all new comments get held for moderation  Another guy apparently thought I was black and kept using the N & F words together. lol  So as a reminder dear readers, you are welcome to post comments here, even if we disagree on subjects. That said, you may not make personal attacks on me, my blog, my readers, etc. Such behavior well get you banned lickety-split. [2]If you notice some of my recent posts have been on adult subjects. Ain’t I a stinker?

Anyway, in other news. There is a big upset on referrals. Kelly from Rambling Along has taken over the top spot of referrals to my blog. hehehe. Number 2 & 3 added together still falls short. I don’t know what he’s been doing but keep it up! lol And speaking of #2, a newcomer [3]well to me. Nik the Greek snuck in out of nowhere to claim the number 2 spot. Welcome Nik and thank your readers for me for bouncing over so often. Large Tony fell to third and brettcajun fell all the way to 6th place. Even jimbo beat him. Tsk tsk Brett, you’re slipping in your old age. hehehe

In related info, I decided to add my blogroll back to my blog. Considering the list is a fraction the size it used to be, it is easier to manage now. Plus, these guys are sending readers my way, I feel it’s only fair to return the favor. So if you visit my page directly, you should already see the blogroll.


1 Silly boy, all new comments get held for moderation
2 If you notice some of my recent posts have been on adult subjects. Ain’t I a stinker?
3 well to me.


I finally got a chance to meet jimbo the other day! He was one of the few remaining bloggers I had yet to meet. I can scratch another one off my list. hehehe

He was here on a trip to LA and we met up in SOMA for a drink. We met up at the Holy Cow bar, which I’d never set foot in till that moment. He looked just like his pictures and was exactly what I expected. I guess you can say he does a good job of conveying his essense thru his blog. We hung out, chatted about his most recent move, and how short brettcajun was compared to the rest of the world. We then danced while jimbo admired several of the woofy bearded guys in attendance. There was an awkward moment between myself and the who shall not be named. He promptly and smartly avoided me like the plague, as well he should.

Being a work night, I couldn’t stay out too late. I had to cut the evening short and head home to the Cooper. I left jimbo in the comfortable hands of several of his friends. He left the following day so we didn’t get much time to hang out, sadly. Regardless, it was great to finally meet him. I hope his new life in Portland gives him plenty of blog fodder.


I was jaunting down memory lane today, well sort of. I got a wild hair and loaded every single one of the old blogs I used to follow. Sadly, only about a 4th of them still exist. And only about half of those were being updated regularly.

I need to start finding new blogs again. I miss reading about people’s travels in life. Social media is fine but you tend to get so much crap mixed in with the good stuff, you often miss the gems of worth. I miss the days when blogging was still somewhat new and more people were doing it more often.

I keep chugging away at mine. Time will tell I guess if it lasts. Every time I think I might get bored with it, something always happens to remind me why I do it. Smile 

How many of you still blog?