Well, another Folsom St Fair has come and gone. It was said to be a good one that was well attended. I didn’t have company this year so didn’t have a whole lot planned. My buddy William was kind enough to get me a free ticket to the Magnitude dance party on Saturday. I also attended the fair on Sunday for a couple hours. I didn’t stay long as often it’s so busy as to be annoying after awhile. lol

Anyway, I remembered hearing more than one conversation about guys planning a move to SF. This by itself is not newsworthy as it happens all the time. SF is a wonderful city and I fell in love after only 1 visit. When guys come here for fairs, vacation, or for whatever, it is easy to see only upsides.

One particular conversation struck me because the guy had absolutely no game plan. He had decided to move and was already in the action stage w/o so much as an idea where he would work or how he would live. I’ve said it here before but it bears repeating. You don’t move to a city as expensive as SF w/o some sort of plan. I absolutely love living here but it can chew you up and spit you out if you don’t have stable footing.

I spoke up to the guy who was a friend of friends. He sort of shrugged off my recommendations with a wave of his hand. I wasn’t offended as it wasn’t really my business but I exchanged a look with our mutual friends. After he walked away we all lamented how often the same story plays out again and again.

Anyway, the weekend was pleasant. I had Monday off and spent most of it doing chores I neglected over the weekend.

2 thoughts on “Folsom”

  1. This is such a good and practical stance on moving to SF. Rich and I have hosted a number of people for "short term" while they settle into SF without a game plan. Most returned home to live with parents, friends, etc. when they couldn't afford it.

  2. Hell, I wouldn't move across the street without a plan. After living all my life in relatively small towns, I think the sticker shock, alone, of a place like SF would do me in. I'd be forced to pedal my wares, and i'm probably too old for that now. LOL.

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