I think Cooper misses Apple guy a bit. He’s been a little extra needy over the last week or so. While he gets along perfectly fine with the new roomie, it is obvious he realizes Apple guy isn’t there anymore. After he moved out of my place, he would still come by at times so Cooper knew he was around. Now that he is back in Texas and hasn’t come by in awhile, I think Cooper has realized he isn’t coming back. He seems to be a little more demanding of attention at times right now. Naturally, he gets it! lol He also tends to be home a little more by himself now. When Apple guy was here, he was often home while I was at work so Cooper was rarely alone. I usually come home on my lunch break to eat and spend a little time with him. He’s adjusting but I’m pretty sure he has figured it out.

On the flip side, he pretty much knows his/my schedule now. I can’t remember if I mentioned it but anytime he sees me put on my motorcycle jacket or grab my gym bag, he promptly goes and gets in his bed. lolol This is a good thing because it shows he is well-adjusted and comfortable with his alone time. It was pretty obvious when we rescued him he had some abandonment issues. I’ve worked really hard to give him a very consistent schedule of food, potty breaks, etc. Stability is very good for bullies (and probably other dogs too). He always has this crooked look on his face like, “where are you going without me?

The joys of children… lol

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  1. Dogs do learn the schedule quickly. If start getting ready to leave the house before breakfast or after dinner she assumes she's going and goes and sits by the drawer where I keep her leash. Any other time she goes into her kennel.

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