I totally forgot to mention over the week of my vacation and Castro St Fair, I ran into uber-blogger joe.my.god. He was here with some friends for a week long trip. I was eating at Firewood in the hood one night and look up. There he was sitting down at the table next to me. It took a moment for him to recognize me, but he did. [1]I was flattered he remembered. lol  We met right after I moved to SF before his move to NY. It was mostly in passing but over the years we chatted a bit via blogs, email, etc. He reached out to me once during the whole Bent Collective fake blogger scandal that rocked the blogosphere. Anyway, I’ve been reading his blog since before he went more mainstream and still do to this day. He covers mostly gay-related news these days and has had some pretty impressive rewards for all his hard work.

He asked if I was blogging at the time which I found very amusing. lol We exchanged pleasantries for a bit before I left him alone. It was obvious he was trying to enjoy some down time so I didn’t feel the need to invade his space. It reminded me how far blogging has come since it first hit the scene. Blogging and I go together like beans and rice so it’s no surprise I took to it. It got me to thinking about a lot of my favorite blogs that have come and gone over the years. There are only a few left. Brettcajun is still around, ever the braggart and all around drama whore. Jimbo, who recently moved away from DC, is also still at it. Homer is still going strong. Large Tony is on his 3rd blog as well. DurbanBud stopped blogging a while a go but only just recently finally killed off his blog. Vic, having a kid to raise, killed off his. This boy Elroy dumped his shortly after moving to SF. The list goes on and on. Many succumbed to the allure of Facebook, others just got tired of it and stopped.

Anyway, it was nice to see Joe and I congratulated him on his long years of hard work. He is still one of my daily reads and I get a huge chunk of my daily gay-related news from his blog. Now if I could just get him to have his web guy fix my broken link on his blogroll?! lolol


1 I was flattered he remembered. lol

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  1. I put in a lot of hard work and effort to be a trainwreck and REAL. I always make sure I put in enough grammatical or spelling errors to give Kevin M. something to do. Don't you worry your pretty head, I will never take "TOWN HEAUX". Congrats on your 20 year win streak. 😉

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