I’m all moved to my new site now. Unfortunately, I was unable to merge the old blog. Apparently, WordPress only supports xml imports up to 2megs and mine was 9megs.

*sigh* I just set it up the way it was before so nothing has really changed. All the old links were kept intact as well so I guess there is that.

Now I get to finally fire and their shitty customer service!


6 thoughts on “Moved”

  1. You should check some of the PHP files – I believe you can change that import level in C-Panel. Forget what file it resides in so you should google for the solution.

  2. Hey Moby-

    This is an option in PHP.ini. Who is your new hosting provider? I'll be up in the city Wednesday if you want to meet up for coffee and trouble shoot it.

  3. Truthspew- Bluehost has the same default limit. You need to set MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE to something other than 2mb in php.ini.

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