I finally got a chance to meet jimbo the other day! He was one of the few remaining bloggers I had yet to meet. I can scratch another one off my list. hehehe

He was here on a trip to LA and we met up in SOMA for a drink. We met up at the Holy Cow bar, which I’d never set foot in till that moment. He looked just like his pictures and was exactly what I expected. I guess you can say he does a good job of conveying his essense thru his blog. We hung out, chatted about his most recent move, and how short brettcajun was compared to the rest of the world. We then danced while jimbo admired several of the woofy bearded guys in attendance. There was an awkward moment between myself and the who shall not be named. He promptly and smartly avoided me like the plague, as well he should.

Being a work night, I couldn’t stay out too late. I had to cut the evening short and head home to the Cooper. I left jimbo in the comfortable hands of several of his friends. He left the following day so we didn’t get much time to hang out, sadly. Regardless, it was great to finally meet him. I hope his new life in Portland gives him plenty of blog fodder.

7 thoughts on “Meet”

  1. Scratch another one off of the list? Really? Is that all we mean to you? I guess I should be glad that it isn't carve another notch in the belt. Hahahahah

  2. I am still giggling that Moby got the "Jimbo Experience". YES. Jimbo is just as A.D.D., bizarre and wild-eyed in person as he appears on his blog. He is like a mix between a cast member on the now defunct Jersey Shore and Winnie the Pooh derangely searching for someone to tap his "honey pot". Fascinating to watch… hard to resist not putting him in a straight-jacket. LOL.

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