Happy holidays to all of ya out there. I’m working today to help keep lala land safe. There will be tons of food at work. They day will start off slow and as we move into evening, the family fights will start. lol Once the newness wears off, you suddenly realize why you only see certain people once a year. hehehe

I hope you all have a warm, fuzzy and safe holiday whatever you celebrate. Be it Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, great spagetti monster, whatever! And if you’re going out with friends and/or family, please be safe. On the chance your holiday is a bit blue, consider yourself hugged from me. It’s just another day and will be over tomorrow.

For those of you who got xmas cards from me this year, I didn’t get to pop in my surprise. It was gonna be a pic of me and Cooper. Sadly, my printer decided to die a violent painful death and ruin my plans. I blame Apple guy. I’m not sure how but I know it’s all his fault! lol [1]yes, he reads my blog :p

Oh and you should be logged in!


On a complete side rant, I’ve noticed more and more people who have given up (or cut way back) on traditional christmas celebrations. They all lament pretty much the same thing. It’s become a consumer frenzy of over-spending, often on items no one really needs and will be out-dated within just a few months. I’m not complaining about consumerism just the craziness that has grown up around it. [2]And don’t even get me started on the overnight, sometimes weekly waits in line for electronic devices that will be out-dated in just a few months. Seriously, WTF?! I mention it because the holidays can be a hard time for a lot of folks. Whatever the reason, sometimes the holidays are just rough. I find that as I shift away from the traditional idea of christmas I no longer feel as much pressure around holidays. I used to get very sad on xmas if I was single. I’d feel lonely, pathetic, and like a total failure as a person. Granted, that was a time when I had bigger issues on my plate but you get my point. I just don’t put as many expectations on holidays anymore. Less expectations equals less pressure. Less pressure means less anxiety. So if you are someone who is having trouble finding holiday spirit this year, I hope my words help. At the end of the day, it’s all self-inflicted. You are not a failure, you are still a wonderful human being, regardless of your relationship status. I urge you to walk away from the hype, the fairy-tale story-lines, and just focus on the things you do have. I bet you’re better off than you realize.

Regardless, I wish you the best and as usual, I thank you for reading my madness.



1 yes, he reads my blog :p
2 And don’t even get me started on the overnight, sometimes weekly waits in line for electronic devices that will be out-dated in just a few months. Seriously, WTF?!

10 thoughts on “Happy”

  1. I wanted to call and leave you a stupid crazy goofy voice mail while you were at work….but sadly and I mean very sadly, I don't have your number anymore – my been a bad IT geek when moving to new devices and all that shit and I lost you…I AM BANGING MY HEAD INTO THE WALL RIGHT NOW!

    So my gift to you, it is small and maybe insignificant; I think about you all the time and I think about the conversations on the phone we have had and how your wisdom has had an impact on my life.

    You have always made me think and challenge myself…and it is very possible to call that bizzare; but what you do day-to-day, your mindset, challenges me,

    This is my first Christmas alone and I am not sad or disappointed in it. Yes I have friends, and they have been thinned out due to my current condition, but I have learned that time alone is amazing and it doesn't fucking matter what day it is.

    If you wanna make someone feel special or loved – there is no reason to wait for a holiday…if you see something that makes you think of them; buy it, have them over for dinner and share that time together.

    Anyway, I truly hope all your readers felt love this year; and were able to be happy in the time they spent…

    And if you (Moby) still have my number (it hasn't changed) feel free to drop me a line, I would love to pick up where we left off.

  2. I asked for an outline of your… umm… hand… but didn't get it. 🙁 I DID very much appreciate the Christmas Card boo. 🙂 I didn't mail any out this year as in the past because the holiday crept up on me too fast to send them out in time. Thanks for yours though!!!! 🙂 It made me smile.

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