So I got a snotty message from someone on growlr the other day. Apparently, because I didn’t answer his first reply buried in about 100 other messages I’ve yet to open that made me a stuck up asshole. Who knew? I used to try to be polite to folks like this and explain things but I honestly don’t have time to help validate your insecurities online. Seriously, I can understand disappointment. We all go thru it. But if you get that worked up over someone not replying to your message, grunt, poke, jingle, woof, or whatever, then I highly recommend you log off the internet.

I’ve rambled before about our technology outpacing our ethical ability to keep up so no need to beat that horse again. Unfortunately, I did send back a bit of a snotty message. I shouldn’t have as it should be beneath me.

Dear random person.
I’m so very sorry that you are upset that I didn’t immediately drop everything I was doing to instantly see and respond to your 12 messages. You see, your message got buried in my queue filled with 100 or so other very important growls [1]Growls are like smiles or woofs, it’s basically an automated notification someone is saying hi. that I haven’t gotten to yet. I’ve been meaning to quit my job so I’d have more free time to respond to every single request , no matter how vague or how far away.  ~ Moby

Yes, it was a shitty reply. I own that. I was cranky and it hit me at just the wrong moment. After a recent rant about my politeness, I sort of have egg on my face.  I could have just deleted it and moved on. No need to chastise me, I’m doing that well enough on my own. Two wrongs don’t make a right and I need to strive to not be so snotty, even if it was deserved.

I would humbly ask, if you are an online user (lord knows we all are), recognize that you are projecting an expectation onto others who may not have the same expectation.


1 Growls are like smiles or woofs, it’s basically an automated notification someone is saying hi.

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  1. I'm not sure what it is with Growlr, but I had a really nasty bitch-out from someone today too. Someone was chatting (in real time) with me and asked me to unlock my private pictures, which I did right on the spot. Then I heard nothing for four hours – so I wrote a message asking if he'd not liked them. Hours later, he replied that he did, but then bitched me out for expecting him to be glued to his phone, because HE was a FARMER and he actually WORKED (his capitalizations). He went on a tirade about how it was my "low self-esteem" that made me assume he didn't like the pictures (instead of his being a rude asshole for asking for them and then disappearing).

    If the internet makes people rude, cell phone apps seem to make them ruder.

  2. Moby,

    I don't think your message was so far out-of-line. I find individuals who are continuously self-absorbed, to be tiring and annoying.

  3. Honey, you are too damned old to be on Growler, Scruff, Grindr, etc. The only people on these sites nowadays are losers, twinks and sex fiends. Meet people the old fashion way to find a quality guy.

    @brett ~ old? Sweetie, I'll be old when in dead. And how I meet a guy is irrelevant, the fact I met him is the point. As for the rest of your personal bias, well that speaks for itself.

  4. I think it's interesting how Brett, now that he's found a (relatively) new boyfriend, is suddenly all holier-than-thou about the method(s) by which other people can search for companionship, friendship, dates, relationships, or just plain sex. As always, his judgmental side shows through; I suspect he's really down on Growlr and Scruff and such because he didn't get hit on enough there when he was single and desperate.

    But of course, in BrettWorld(tm), any place that doesn't provide him with what he wants is beneath contempt.

  5. Are you kidding me Kevin M.? I am not on any of those sites anymore because of the quality of the people on there. To sign on and get 100's of messages within minutes from married trolls, plain trash, and drug users/homeless became tiresome. BrettWorld(tm)? I LOVE IT! I may use that. Thanks! Your sneering anti-Brettness may be useful to me afterall…. 😉

    @brett ~ really? The homeless? I'll give you one thing, you're always good for a laugh. And it was never 100 messages in minutes. You're projecting again.

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