Nothing earth shattering today, just some random tidbits.

I was sick with a horrible stomach bug for over a week. I’m still having a few random issues but the G-forces have calmed to a more normal situation. Oddly, it started lower and worked it’s way INTO my stomach. lol Or at least, that is how it felt. On a side note, I can always tell when I’m feeling better from being sick because my sex drive bounces back. lol When I’m sick is pretty much the only time it disappears. Read into that whatever you like.

Cooper is still using his Jedi mind tricks on me to keep me from going to work. I’ve been immune so far but I think I’m weakening. I hate leaving him at home. He does just fine but I’d rather he were with me. He is still the belle of the ball anytime we go anywhere. lol He loves the attention. We ran into another Bully his age and size the other day and they got along so well. The other bully was a tad younger and was so eager to play. Oh and speaking of, Apple guy rescued a bully in Austin so Cooper has a step-brother now. His name is Deegan and just adorable. In other news, Cooper, while not at all aggressive, has a habit of insisting on being center of attention when other dogs are around. I wonder if it is because of his days in the shelter. It’s almost if he is suddenly afraid of being looked over. I could just be over-analyzing it as well.

I’ve been neglecting my beast and finally took him in for some TLC last weekend. The chain was so loose it could have popped off on it’s own. I didn’t ride much at all last season. I have a few more things to do to my monster to get him ready for the upcoming riding season. I miss riding a lot. Until I get a couple things done on the bike though, I’ve been sticking close to home. It all boils down to finances.

Speaking of, I’ve been doing a little overtime at work the last few weeks. It’s hit and miss and usually only 4 hours at a time but every little bit helps. Having an extra paycheck this month didn’t hurt none either. I’m about to file taxes for the year and am not looking forward to it. Not realizing it was superbowl weekend, I signed up for OT on Sunday. I could back out of it but I wouldn’t feel right. I take my responsibilities seriously. I’m sure it’s going to be a royal pain, whether we win or not.

I’ve been very good about hitting the gym and my routine consistently. Even with the stomach bug, I made it several days that week. I’m gonna mix up the days off though as I’m finding that the heavy weights, even on different muscles, are zapping my endurance by day 4 and 5. I probably should have mixed in an off-day from the beginning but it is a work in progress. Speaking of, a coworker who works days ran into me the other day and said, “you are getting massive.”  While not massive, I was still very tickled and have no problem admitting I giggled like a little school girl w/delight. Totally made my day!

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  1. Okay, you know I'm going to say this, so let's get it out of the way – Oooh! Oooh! Can I ride your Monster? I imagine it to be very powerful. Do you have to rev it really hard before you get off the line, or is it ready to go when you grab the throttle and squeeze?

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