As previously mentioned, I have lost several pounds of fat weight. Several of you, of Bellycourse, demanded pics. Here is a pic of me today at the gym. It’s kinda blurry cause I snapped it quickly. But I bees so proud of myself. hehehe. I’ve mentioned numerous times I have no desire to get ripped but I have been working on leaning up a bit.

Most of you probably don’t see the difference from previous pics but I do. I can stand and jiggle my core and see the fat loss areas. I also feel the difference. When I grab my love grips, instead of feeling like a grip, they feel empty-ish. As long as I maintain the weight-loss the little extra bits of skin will be reduced as well!

Several people ask what I’m doing differently. The biggest change has been my eating habits. I eat out less and try to prepare healthier meals at home. As mentioned, it’s made big difference in my eating habits. I find that even when I do eat out now the amount of food I eat to feel full is lower.  I wish I could say I’d been doing more cardio. Sadly, I haven’t. My results would probably be more dramatic if I had. lol Just being in the gym 5 days a week is hard enough.1  My routine now is one week of free weights, one week of ISO benches, and one week of cables. It’s coming up on time to redo the workout regimen as I can tell I’m adapting to the current one. Seeing the changes has helped keep me motivated as well.

I’ve also noticed a big difference in my legs. I always had a horrible habit of neglecting my legs. Now that I’m doing them consistently, I’m seeing some big gains. I’m pushing 460lbs on the leg press, which for me is pretty nice. I’ve also had to switch to one-leg calf-presses as I’ve maxed out the machine on two legs.

All in all I’m pretty happy with my progress so far.

  1. Which is a form of cardio all on it’s own []

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  1. Awesome Moby! And yes that photo is blurry! It's like you lubed up the lens first! LOL I can see the difference you speak of. Here's to empty love grips!

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