It is amazing what a kind word to a stranger can do. I’ve mentioned here more than a few times that I try to do random acts of kindness.

Today, as I was showering off at the gym an older guy came in. He’s a regular and had been missing for over a few months. I’d seen him a while back and he didn’t look good. He’d obviously had some sort of medical episode and was recovering. While he has always been on the very lean side,  he looked like he’d put on a bit of muscle on his upper body. His skin had gained that healthy glow again and he basically was looking good.

I told him his upper body was looking good and he’d obviously been working hard. I swear, you could tell he almost started crying. You could see the admiration and gratitude in his face and his voice as he thanked me  repeatedly.

Just something so little and slight to me made someone’s day. You could see it put him in a better mood. And I should hope I look as good as he does at his age. He is probably mid to late 50’s and clearly takes care of his body. Anyway, do a random act of kindness today, this week, or just once a week every week. It may seem trivial and pointless but to the people on the receiving side, I’d bet money they see it a lot differently!

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12 thoughts on “Kind”

  1. I'm logged in and don't see anything different..?

    @MrKevin ~ Well, since I don't recognize your email I'm assuming because you haven't been given access. See my "user" post below for details and get back to me. 🙂

  2. I wasn't going to comment after you seemed to get mad at me the last time/again. Forgive me, but certain bloggers (NOT you) have a pattern of "censoring" comments and/or stating "It's my blog and you don't have to read it if you don't like what I write." (i.e. Towelroad)

    I've met you in person and I'm guessing you'd very much want me to point out anything that bothers me. Well, this blog entry has been bothering me.

    You're a nice guy to everybody, so I don't understand why "…an older guy…" was needed for your story. It made it sound like you were being a good boy scout helping an old lady across the street.

    And do you really think "…probably mid to late 50′s…" is old? I might be older than you, but I have never even begun to think of anyone as old until they're elgible for Social Security. And that was when I was much younger.

    So there it is and this was just my personal reaction. Thanks for listening.

    @Jeff ~ Not sure why you think I'm mad at you? Never was. As to your question, I can see your implication but I think you mistook my intent. He was an example of the impact said actions can have on others. I singled him out because it was fresh in my mind. And as to his age, I said older not elderly. He is older than me so I referred to him that way. His age had no bearing on my actions, it was just a descriptor.

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