I recently accepted a special assignment at work. It goes into effect late March. It has to do with our upcoming software upgrade. I’m very happy to do it. The only real down side is I’ll have to switch over to a day shift, 9-4. I’m already Mon-Fri so no changes there. I’m most definitely not a morning person so this will present a challenge. lol Gone (temporarily) will be the days of me waking up on my own. I’ll have to drag my sleeping bulk out of bed bright and early and show up during breakfast hours.

The assignment could last 4-5 months and will be a lot of tedious work. As mentioned, I’m excited because the changes are huge and will effect all of us for the next 20 years. City-govs don’t upgrade software often and this upgrade, while from the same vendor, is a huge deal. I’ve fought tooth and nail to get included in the process so it would be colossally stupid of me not to take this assignment. I’ll suck up my angst about being an early bird and do it. My computer and software knowledge will benefit, not only me, but all of my fellow co-workers. I also bring the user perspective to the table which is often overlooked by the engineers, developers, and sellers. We’ve already discovered several issues that would have been deal-breakers. So yeah, I’m gonna do it. Not even a question to me.

On the flip side, I’ll get a view of how the rest of the world lives! I’ll get to actually go out in the evenings and do stuff with friends during the week. I’ll be able to drive home in daylight hours. If I wanted, I could watch many of my shows live vs tivo’d. Obviously, I won’t but I could. hehehe. I can also go out on weeknight dates and dinners.

Cooper shouldn’t be too hard as the change only works out to 4 hours on his schedule. He’ll go out a little early in the morning and a little later in the afternoon. I don’t expect much problem there. *crossed fingers*

Don’t be surprised if my updates for the first week are a bit on the cranky side!

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