Today was a good day. I woke up early again but I still slept in. Cooper didn’t budge till I get up so he must enjoy sleeping in too. We had breakfast, did a few small chores and then headed off to the park for a couple hours in the sun. Afterwards, we spent the rest of the day being lazy and enjoying the weather. Well, he spent the day being lazy. I got out some more for the sun and then settled down for some much missed video gaming.

I can’t express what I relief it was not to be stressed about having to clean the apt. The whole apt feels and smells clean. I’m happy I broke down and hired a cleaning crew. It may not be a necessity but is most definitely is a priority for me. I’d rather spend the money and know it will get done like clock work than stress over doing it or procrastinating it to death. I’ve already made some adjustments in my spending to off-set some of the cost. And while not as inexpensive as my previous crew way back when, still affordable for me. The roomie is contributing as well so it totally deadens the expense.

Anyway, I giggled when I realized I didn’t have to give up part of my weekend now. It hadn’t yet dawned me that I’d have the free time. I tend to procrastinate over chores and they tend to pile up. Then I get irritated and spend a whole day (or weekend) catching up. It was nice realizing this morning I didn’t have to do either.

Tomorrow I think I’ll try to go for a short ride on the bike. I can’t go too far as I still haven’t gotten my replacement fairings yet. But a short ride around the city, to the beach, or just over the bridge sounds perfect!

Hope you all are having a good weekend!

2 thoughts on “Lounge”

  1. My mother used to bitch at my father when he hired household help. His reasoning was he made a LOT more money working at the company, than what it cost in time to work around the house. And hiring help for her allowed her to spend her free time with him.

    I use the same philosophy. I set an hourly rate for my free time, then I don’t feel so guilty when I hire someone to do something (and that way I also can pay them a living wage). And a person who does a particular task full time is so much better at that task than I ever could be.

    And as you get older, you’ll realize that free time is something you will NEVER get back, so I assign a dollar figure for my free time; And that hourly rate is substantially higher any salary I will ever made. Of course if you want to get technical about it, farming out your household work is actually good for the economy (no really it is, economics was my college minor).

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