It’s always fun when speaking to a complete stranger and watching the look on their face here. I was standing next to a guy in the mirror at the gym locker room the other day. I started chatting with him just randomly. No flirting, just me being me. He gave me this perplexed look and actually said, “why are you talking to me?” My response, ‘well you’re standing next to me butt-naked in a mirror. I figured we could exchange conversation.”  He walked away somewhat wary, as if I had some ulterior motive.

I giggle to myself and went on about my day. I guess it is easy to wall yourself in Cities like SF. I mean you get bombarded by people with a cause, sign here, donate for this, save the tress…blah blah blah. And that’s before you even get to the panhandling homeless guys. lol So, I think it is natural that people learn to keep their shields up, so to speak.

It doesn’t phase me. I get a little disappointed obviously. But, being from the South, I’m gonna keep on doing what I keep on doing and that’s be me. Should you be perplexed or not understand, well that’s your issue.

Happy weekend all.



13 thoughts on “Strange”

  1. Why didn’t you just blurt out, “Isn’t it obvious? I want to blow you!” LOL. I would be annoyed living in SF myself as people ARE hounded daily by activists, panhandlers, drug addled eccentrics, etc

  2. Thanks for setting up the story so well. I pictured it and can’t stop laughing. I’m like you and talk to strangers a lot.

  3. It just hit me, talking to strangers is a lot like commenting on the blogs of people you’ve never met. Then after a while, you do meet some of them. I think I met the one from Baton Rouge here and also the queer archaeologist. Ya, I met you at the same time. And six years later (has it been that long?), I still enjoy talking with all of you.

  4. Part of it is that no matter how innocent or casual the words are, it feels like someone is always trying to flirt with you here. Especially if they are naked in the gym locker room…

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