DMV 101 that is. After a few random yet repeated issues with people not knowing basic traffic laws I’d thought I’d offer up a PSA. hehehe

No, you do not get to block an intersection because you couldn’t bear the idea of waiting on a light. You can’t legally pull into an intersection unless you can pull all the way thru it, including the crosswalks. The reasons why you got ‘trapped’ are irrelevant. If you get tagged by a red-light camera, it is a non-moving violation. If you get tagged by a cop, it is a moving violation and goes on your license. [1]or it can

No, you can’t pull into the opposite lane of traffic to go around a double parked vehicle while other cars are coming. You do not have the ‘right-of-way’ simply because you pulled into the opposite lane before the other car got close enough. If anything were to happen you are at fault.

No, you can’t text and drive no matter how slowly your car is moving.

No, you shouldn’t bicycle and text either. When you fly over your handlebars after hitting the MUNI tracks, you have no one to blame but yourself.

And lastly, No you can’t legally park in the MUNI bus stop and then be surprised you got a $250 ticket.

Now you know.



1 or it can

2 thoughts on “101”

  1. Abhorrent driving behavior is epidemic in the United States. Way out here on the east coast I see the same you do but more. Red light running is consistent. Speeding which I find not to be an infraction per se. Those speed limits were defined when cars first started going on roadways.

    The cars of today are a fair bit more complex, anti-lock, traction control, look ahead RADAR on some cars, etc. Granted, if you don’t follow some simple rules you’re going to have problems.

    But my favorite behaviors are the ones like this;

    One day I’m coming down a side street when the dump truck in front of me suddenly stops, throws it in reverse and doesn’t even both to look. I beep the horn, nothing. I roll down the windows and shout “Stop the fucking truck”. That got his attention.

    Then there’s the go right, fake left routine. Get in the left hand turn lane and then try to turn right.

  2. You forgot to mention the idiots who think a “right turn on red” gives them the right of way over cross traffic.

    And when merging on a freeway, who has the right of way, traffic entering or traffic already on the freeway? Here in Ohio it keeps changing.

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