Just home from an awesome weekend in Phoenix. More on that in another post this week.

I’ve fully adapted to life in SF because I did not do well in the heat. lol Literally, as I’m getting off the plane the heat was like being in a dry sauna. It didn’t help that they were having one of their hottest weeks on record either.

Growing up in the South, I am no stranger to hot weather.  I even lived on the beach for a number of years. But having been here over 12 years, I have definitely lost that former resilience. Just walking from the car to buildings while in Phoenix was a struggle for me over the weekend.

Ironically, getting back into SF via BART, it was in the low 70’s/high 60’s and it felt chilly after being in the heat for 4 days. hehehe

6 thoughts on “Hot”

  1. You’ve been “California-nized”! Your mean comfort zone is between 65 and 85, with a humidity index of 12-15%. Anything outside of that range – and we complain about it.

  2. I’ve lived in Phoenix for 8 yrs now and one really does get used to it. HOWEVER, I was in Canada for 10 days; returning home on Sunday it felt like I would melt. I guess it takes a while to reaclimate

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